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How To Make An Appalachian Style Knife

Many resourceful craftsmen have used discarded items as raw material to make various types of knives throughout history. For the Appalachian style knife (one similar to those used in the Appalachian mountains), the raw material most often used is a worn or broken hand saw from which one can cut out a blade. Well, if you live in a city then it can be a little difficult for you to get the very best material that you need in order to create a knife on your own. This is where you can try for the very best material that you need for your knife and time and recommendations that you can follow in order to craft a high-quality knife on your own.

To make an Appalachian style knife, first, make a pattern in the shape of the knife blade you would like, then trace around the pattern directly onto the saw blade. Next, place the saw blade on top of an anvil, or another sufficiently hard surface, then get a chisel and place the edge of it onto the pattern line and strike it with a hammer to make a small cut. Continue moving the chisel along the pattern line, striking it with the hammer and cutting it out until your knife-sized piece is fully separated from the saw blade.

Next, take your cut piece and place it in a vice, or clamp it onto a table and smooth down the rough edges with a file. The portion of the blade that will fit into the handle (called the “tang”) should be cut one and a half inches shorter than the desired handle length since it will later be set into a piece of solid wood.

The next step is to mark where you want your rivet holes to be positioned on the knife tang. Carefully position them so that they will not be too close to the ends of the wooden handle, which would weaken the knife considerably. Place a nut (a piece of metal with screw threads that fits onto a bolt) the size of the desired rivet hole onto an anvil or another hard surface, then position your knife tang over the nut, take a punch and drive it through the knife tang and into the hole of the nut behind it. After you punch out each rivet hole, clamp the knife to a bench, with its edge extended over the end of the workbench. Take a file and bevel down one side of the blade. Then turn the blade over, reclamp it, and bevel down the other side.

To make the handle for your Appalachian style knife, find a section of a tree limb or another piece of wood that’s about 3/4 of an inch thick, then cut or whittle it off the same diameter as the width of your knife tang. We are going to make a ‘half-tang’ handle, which will extend only part of the way through the wood going lengthwise. Make sure the section of wood is left longer than the desired handle so it can be clamped into a vice. Next, saw a “kerf” (a slot or trough made by a saw blade) lengthwise down the center of the handle section for the blade to fit into. Now place the handle on top of the knife tang and carefully mark where the rivet holes should go, then drill them into the handle of the wood. Before you can insert the tang, you will probably have to slightly enlarge the slot. Simply use sandpaper to sand back and forth to widen the slot.

Making the rivets will not be too difficult. Use large diameter copper wire or nails that are about 1/8 inch longer than the thickness of the wood handle. The knife tang should then be inserted into the kerf, with the rivets pushed through the wood and the tang holes. (You may have to ream some of the rivet holes out with an ice pick to enlarge them.) Then place the rivets onto a hard surface and peen them over with a hammer.

Next, cut off the excess length of the handle and shape it in whatever way you like, then hone the blade of your new Appalachian knife to a fine edge, and you’ll be ready to skin a bear or a wild boar or whatever else comes your way.

It will take some practice to be able to make your own Appalachian style knife in a high-quality fashion, but once you get the basics down you will be able to make many knives to handle all your hunting and fishing needs, or any other uses you may have.

Bitcoin Mining – Understand The Steps To Get Started!

Have you ever heard about bitcoin? If yes, then you may also know about the other term bitcoin mining. Well, bitcoin mining refers to the process of creating bitcoins by using the computer. Understand about the mining process and everything related to bitcoins. As you know, bitcoin is an alternative to the traditional currencies and the banking system. People having bitcoins can easily transfer it to one account from others without the restrictions of central authority.

All the transactions related to bitcoins are mainly recorded in the blockchain. When the current bitcoin transactions are added to the record of the past transactions, then it is known as bitcoin mining. In other words, you can say it the verification of bitcoin transactions.

Know more about bitcoin mining

Usually, bitcoin mining is done with the use of specialized computers. If you are a miner, then your responsibility is to make the network secure and process all the bitcoin transactions. To mind bitcoins, miners need to solve computational problems. It is also crucial to know the different aspects as well as functions related to bitcoin mining. Some of these aspects are – issuance of new bitcoins, security, and the confirming transactions. The main purpose of bitcoin mining is to issue new bitcoins, and you should always keep this thing in mind.

Many other ways are out there that can help in mining bitcoins. If you are interested in bitcoin mining, then you should start by getting the best bitcoin wallet. After this, you should make use of the bitcoin mining hardware. Without ASIC miner, you can’t make the mining process possible. Once you have completed this step, you should choose a mining pool in order to share your hash rare. Miners shouldn’t forget to get one of the best bitcoin mining software.

Considerable tips for miners

Before getting started with the bitcoin mining process, you should know whether it is legal in your country or not. It is one of the essential things to which you should pay attention. You can also consult with the local counselor to get assistance for knowing the tax implications of bitcoin mining and other details. Along with it, make sure that the mining process is beneficial for you. Do some calculations and get a rough idea related to the mining profitability. If you are considering all these things, then you can easily start the process of bitcoin mining to get the best results.

The final verdict

Bitcoin mining is highly competitive, and that’s why you need to be aware of some essential tips. It is important to make a good plan before getting started with this process. Learn how to do it to know about technology and other related details. The Bitcoin revolution is a cloned website that offers many unique features for traders. With the use of this platform, you can make your task easier related to bitcoin trading and also gain some additional benefits.

Slimming Bathing Suit Styles for Apple Shaped Women

What the heck is an apple-shaped gal, you may be wondering. Women are either pear or apple-shaped. Pear, you may know as hourglass-shaped: smaller waist with larger hips and bottom.

Apple-shaped gals have larger waists and tummies and smaller bottoms. I speak today for the apple-shaped women. Finding a bathing suit that doesn’t make us look like a beach ball can be difficult. Here are bathing suit styles to enhance the curves and reduce the stomach. You can get all these swimwear from one piece swimsuits that give you really affordable prices on all these types of swim wears. Moreover, you get to choose from their wide variety of designs and types making it easy for you to find a swimsuit that is perfect for your body.


Cross-shaped front bathing suits: Some bathing suit styles have a cross front beginning with shoulder straps and that cross under the breasts across the stomach. The cross-shaped bathing suit pulls in across the stomach tightly and falls looser below the waist to the legs.

High cut leg opening bathing suits: higher cut leg holes sit a few inches below the hips. Hi-cut can accentuate the legs and take focus away from the apple-shaped tummy. Boy cut or short style legs, especially the two-piece styles emphasize an apple-shaped stomach.

Skirt style bottom bathing suits: A flared skirt emphasizes the bottom and legs and makes an apple-shaped waist appear smaller.

Cinched waist bathing suits: some bathing suits are reinforced and extra snug around the waist, to pull in the stomach. This creates an hourglass figure. Wearing bathing suits with a reinforced waist is similar to wearing support hose or foundation garments. As bathing suits are made with Lycra, the bathing suit has elastic and is very comfortable.

Gathered side bathing suits: Gathered bathing suits with gathered sides that pull the top-down and the bottom-up can create an hourglass figure for apple-shaped women. Gathered side bathing suits accentuate curves.



Halter style bathing suits: Halter top bathing suits tie or clip around the neck and fall to a v-shaped neckline. Halter style bathing suits take the emphasis away from the apple-shaped stomach and focus it on the neck, shoulders, and chest. Any bathing suit top should have a supportive, elasticized, protective pad to prevent the breasts from sagging uncomfortably.

Whatever bathing suit style you choose, be sure to choose one with a proper fit. When your bathing suit is dry it should fit snug and comfortably. In the water, the bathing suit will loosen. But avoid choosing a bathing suit that is too small. No one knows what size your bathing suit is; choose a suit that doesn’t pinch in any way. Wearing a bathing suit, or any clothing that is too small defeats the purpose of looking more slender. Bathing suits or clothing that is too small, whatever your size, makes you look heavier.

India-Pakistan Semi Final Sends India to Cricket World Cup Final

The India-Pakistan semi final in the Cricket World Cup exceeded expectations. Not only did the semi final attract a record number of viewers, it also had India and Pakistan play without any major incidents. Given the brutal history between these two countries, putting them together in anyway doesn’t always go smoothly. However, the biggest battles were on the cricket field yesterday, with the fight ultimately won by the home team.

The two powers played in front of a big pro-India crowd in Mohali, and in front of both nation’s prime ministers. Ultimately, the Indians came out ahead, as they advanced to the championship match with a 29-run victory.

Although the Pakistanis won their group and beat three-time champion Australia to do it, their rivals were riding home field advantage and were coming off their own upset of the Aussies. By winning, India now gets the home advantage for the finals, as they face fellow co-host Sri Lanka in Mumbai on Saturday.

Much of the world was on the edge of their seat due to this super-charged pairing. According to NDTV, 67.53 million people watched the match on TV, which is a new record for cricket. But this may set the bar too high for the finals, which do not have two rival nations facing each other.

This semi final match may not pave the way for peace between India and Pakistan – since not much has done that in the past. But it could prove to be a major sign of some kind, since their cricket teams haven’t faced off as often since the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Since Pakistani groups were blamed for the bombing, bilateral sporting matches between these two nations had been suspended. But following yesterday’s reunion, there are talks of a new series of games between the cricket teams.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani were able to meet in Mohali for this special occasion the Indian premiere league has sponsor ipl 2020 schedule pdf which has given them some information over the new players and their records that they have made in the matches which have been taken for test and given them chance to participate in ranjis trophy. According to India Today, they are soon likely to announce that bilateral cricket series between their countries will resume. After Pakistan’s defeat, they are likely more eager to get another shot at their arch-rivals.

But first, those arch-rivals have a World Cup to win, now that the India vs Pakistan hype is finally dying down. Sri Lanka has to hope the semi final took too much out of their opponents – although the crowd in Mumbai will be eager to help them focus again on Saturday.

How to Prove the Value of Your Assets for the Insurance Company

Any of us who are awake and even half-listen to the TV or glance at a newspaper realize that disasters happen to all people in all areas of the country and at any time of the year. There seems to be a higher number of wildfires this year than normal and who knows how many hurricanes and tornadoes will strike this year. And don’t forget about robberies and theft. The types and number of disasters that can hit seem to be unlimited. Thank goodness we have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance. By the way, do you have enough insurance? How do I know? Take some time during the next month to do these safeguards to make sure you are properly insured and that you are fairly paid back the money that the insurance company owes you should you become a victim of any disaster.

A home inventory is absolutely critical to making sure that first, you know how much insurance you need and second how much money the insurance company needs to pay you should your “stuff” get ruined. There are two important tasks here. First, we need to know what needs to be documented and second, how do we document it?

Your first job is to provide a description of everything you own. We are talking about furniture, clothing, electronics, collectibles, everything. You need to list each item and the purchase price. If you have the receipt for the more expensive items, include that with the description of the item; the date you bought the item; and if the item has a warranty, include that. For your appliances and expensive electronic equipment include the serial numbers and model numbers. If you have collectibles or expensive artwork and jewelry that are appraised, include a copy of the appraisal with the description.

It will come as no surprise to you that this is a big job. Do not expect to complete this in a week. Do yourself a favor and start with one room and have a goal to complete each room in your house or apartment in about two weeks. When the initial documented inventory is done, you can easily update it with your new purchases and remove the items you throw away.

The second step to this process is figuring out how to document your inventory for insurance purposes. There are three ways to do this. Pick the way that is the easiest and works for you.

1) If you are comfortable with a computer, you can download a free copy of an inventory program that works with a PC or Mac. Get it from The software program makes it fairly pain-free and reasonably quick. Save your work on several different media and keep a hard copy in your safe-deposit box.

2) You could also use a camera and photograph your possessions. With a digital camera, this should be fairly easy, also. Make a print of each of your pictures and write down the important information on the back of each picture. The advantage of using a digital camera is you can store the digital files onto several media for safekeeping. And if you getting your blog insured then you can use your online content and stats to get insurance. If you are wondering Why you need blogger insurance then you can click here to learn about that. 

3) While writing down your inventory may not be the most efficient, it does work and you don’t need any additional equipment other than paper and a pen. Check with your insurance company as they may have an inventory form that could be helpful.

If you went the electronic route for your inventory, you may want to check They do charge a fee, but after you have uploaded your inventory to their site, you can access your data from any computer; a definite advantage.

Key Considerations To Make When You Are Going To Invest in Bitcoins

Bitcoins is one of the most trending talks of the town. A lot of people seems interested to invest in Bitcoins because they hold value and that is why they think of investing in Bitcoins. However, majority of the people are really skeptical about the concept of Bitcoins because of several factors that come to play. It is not centralized, many government do not accept it as a legal form of currency and so on. If you know about Bitcoins and want to make some investments in it, then you must give a read to our blog we have got today. We will discuss about the key considerations you must make before putting your money into Bitcoins.

Important Things To Consider Before Investing

Investment is a tricky game. You need to be absolutely sure about a lot of things which includes your objectives, finances and goals. You cannot blindly invest and expect a huge return. The same goes for Bitcoins. Before you invest in Bitcoins, you must consider these vital things –

Poperly store your Bitcoin first – just like it is important that you learn to walk before you run, you will have to begin by learning the mechanics of buying and selling of Bitcoins. You will have to read reviews and ask experts about which Bitcoin trading platform is the best for you. Never skip a step in learning, or else you will be in deep trouble. It is crucial that you know how to protect your asset in the most effective way. The Bitcoin market is really volatile and that is why your finances are always at the risk of tumbling down if you yourself are not aware of.

Always keep your eyes on the market – a really big and common mistake is to ignore the market once you have made some investments. The value of Bitcoins go up and come down at different points of time and that is why you need to keep a track of that. This will help you to understand whether you should be holding to your assets or selling them at a premium. When you invest Bitcoins, do not focus too much on the current value of the Bitcoin but, the % of the total marker cap that you have purchased.

Is it worth investing in Bitcoin mining? – you need to ask this question to yourself. You need to be sure of what you are investing your hard earned money on. In the recent years, Bitcoins accelerated in the most amazing manner but, the price crashes have been significant as well. The amount of profit you are going to experience totally depends on your investment strategy. First learn about all the aspects and mechanisms of Bitcoins and then invest your money. This will provide you with the confidence to understand whether you should be investing Bitcoins or not.

Diversify your crypto investments – just like putting all eggs in one basket is a huge risk, investing all of your finances in only one crypto element is also a terrible risk. There are more than 50 cryptocurrencies that trade in the market. So, it is always a better idea to invest your money on more than one crypto currency. Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP and Bitcoin Cash are some other investment options that you have. Successful investors have always suggested that you must diversify your assets and make your investments in different elements for better results and mitigating the risk of investment.

Learn to be patient in the long run – the Bitcoin market is still new and not older than 10 years. It is yet to mature and provide the people with a better and safer prospect of investment. That is why you will have to be patient and learn to wait before you can cash in the investments. So, once you have made the investment, keep yourself occupied with other things and avoid yourself being in a hurry to sell your assets all the time.

These are some key considerations that you will need to make when you are going to invest in Bitcoins. Also check out whether Is the Bitcoin Profit a scam or a legit software?.

Kate Middleton (And You) Can Get In Shape After Pregnancy With These Weight Loss Tips

With the royal baby due any day for the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is no doubt looking forward to what every pregnant woman looks forward to (next to the baby, of course)- getting back to her pre-pregnant body!

As a mother, I can attest that no matter how well you exercised and ate right during your pregnancy, you’re still left with a body you fear you will never recover from once you deliver your baby. With hard work and determination, you can lose weight, shape-up, and achieve a post-baby body that is better than the body you had before you got pregnant! I also tried Coolsculpting, which is a way to freeze Fat Away with CoolSculpting in New Jersey. With their advance technology, they freeze the fat in your body so that you can get rid of that easily. Along with this process, I tried the following methods in order to get in shape after my pregnancy.

Low Carbohydrate Diet

It is your natural reaction after you deliver your baby to borderline starve yourself so you will lose weight quickly but this will almost always prove to be counter-productive. Since newborn babies require so much time and energy, your metabolism will bottom out and cling to your fat if you try to deprive yourself of food. I recommend having a low carbohydrate/high protein diet to jump-start your metabolism. I went on the South Beach Diet and it worked wonders for me. I lost 25 pounds in a little over a month following the low carb and high protein formula. Kate Middleton will likely turn to the Dukan Diet, the diet she employed to slim-down for the royal wedding, which is extremely similar to the South Beach Diet and Atkins Diet- they all run off the same formula: low carbohydrates+high protein=weight loss.

Kate Middleton’s Weight Loss on the Dukan Diet


My best exercise tip for any woman who wants to lose weight and get in shape after pregnancy is to do yoga. I recommend yoga to everyone. As a 31-year-old female, I have tried every exercise program or fad that is inexistent, and yoga is the best thing I have found for weight loss and toning muscles. I have one yoga DVD in particular that I love, the first yoga DVD put out by MTV, which is a variation of a popular style of yoga, vinyasa. Vinyasa yoga gives you a little heated cardio to help blast calories and boost metabolism. After I had my first child, I did yoga with this video every evening. My body looked better than it ever had! I had muscles that were toned that I did not even know existed! Yoga is easy, relaxing, and in my opinion, a miracle worker when it comes to whipping your body into shape.

I only have two tips because these two things, a low-carbohydrate diet, and yoga, are all you need to lose weight and get in shape after pregnancy. Kate Middleton will no doubt get back to her pre-pregnancy body in no time and you can too. I promise that if you turn to these two things, your body will look better than before you got pregnant!

6 Tips To Find The Best Impact Driver

Are you on the lookout of the right impact driver? Well, there are drills or hammer drills, but nothing can work when it comes to driving large screws through hard surfaces. Now, there is no dearth of Impact Drivers products in the market today but not all would be equally suitable for you. Thus, the post below offers   a pro-guide on how to choose the right impact driver.

Decide on the type

Impact drivers are majorly divided into two types- corded as well as cordless.

If you are on budget, the corded model would be great for you. They are known for excellent gear reduction and they tend to be lot cooler- compared to cordless counters. But, they are also heavier.

However, if budget is not a problem, cordless drivers would be your go-to thing. They are more powerful, more advanced and work with just all kinds of fasteners. Besides, being cordless, they make the whole process more convenient compared to corded counterparts. Whether you want to work on harder surfaces or softer surfaces, a cordless driver would be your right buddy for every surface.

You will find the cordless drivers in 12V and 18V+ ranges. The latter is obviously more powerful and can work with larger fasteners compared to the former one. Makita BTD144 18-Volt LXT is a good option if you are looking for a reliable cordless driver in 18V range. It comes with variable 3-speed power selection and assures extremely precise control on fastening.

Go for brushless motors

Once again, if budget isn’t a problem, try to look for impact drivers that come with brushless motors. Brushless motors assure more efficient operation and extend the service life of your driver. Another great advantage is that the brushless option does not generate much heat which eventually eliminates burn-out risks.  Not only that, you will often find the brushless models with advanced electronic features. These cutting-edge features allow the motor and battery to jive together which consequently enhances performance as well as keep thermal overload issues at bay.

Adjustable clutch

Won’t it be great if you can have full control on how much force you want to apply on fastener? Well, in that case, you will have to look for impact drivers that come with adjustable clutch. These clutches enable you to customize the force to be applied on fastener. This is especially relevant when you have to use the driver for smaller woodwork projects.

In-built LED lights

You will need proper visual of the surface and surrounding areas while driving in a screw into a surface. Nothing is worse that ending up with a screw driven into the wrong point. To avoid such a nuisance, it’s best to invest in an impact driver that comes with in-built LED light. The LED quotient will keep the whole area illuminated and make the operation even more effective. In fact, these lights would be especially great when you have to reach out to hard-to-reach places or if suddenly the power goes out.

Ergonomic design

Though often ignored yet this particular point is vital to ensure a comfortable operational experience with your impact driver. Try to look for an impact driver that carries a convenient ergonomic design. If you have used impact driver before, you are aware of the huge pressure it transmits to hand. But, an ergonomically designed impact driver will relieve you off the pressure and makes things a lot easier. So, drivers with rubber pistol grips would be great choice here. You will especially need an ergonomic driver when you will need to use the machine for a longer time.

Charge gauges

This particular feature is handy to understand the amount of fuel left in your driver so that you know beforehand whether or not your driver needs a charge. Some of the drivers come with gauges right on tool. However, a more convenient option would be to have gauges right on battery pack  which makes it easier to check charge status.

Final words

Always take a comparative study before you invest in an impact driver. Look for reliable models from reputed brands. Always check reviews and ratings – your chosen driver should be backed by a long line of happy users.

5 best truckers Bluetooth headsets in 2020

A Bluetooth headset is a must-have for any trucker out there. Not only it helps to enjoy your most loved trucks on long drives but it also enables you to stay connected with your family and that too hands-free. Are you on plans to get a new Bluetooth headset this year? It could be that your previous one has got really dated and you want a new advanced model this time. The Bluetooth headset technology has advanced over time and today you have various updated marvellous models. For example, if you take a sneak peek into a trustworthy accessory review guide like, you will find cutting-edge headset models that operate through mobile apps. 

So, what are the top favorite Bluetooth headsets for 2020? Well, here is a compact list of some of the top most Bluetooth headsets you can look for this year.

YUWISS headset

One of the best aspects of this headset is that it’s an amazing all-rounder device which can be paired with just any device based on any OS. Whether you have an Android phone or an iOS one, this headset will work like a dream. Another important aspect of the headset is surely its splendid noise-cancellation facility. The headset assures crystal clear audio when you listen to music or when you speak to someone over your phone. Besides, the headset is extremely comfortable and that you can easily wear it on for hours.

It should also be mentioned here that the YUWISS headset impresses with its solid battery life. The headset can go on for around 20+ hours on single charge. Besides, the headset is a breeze to use.

SD DECT by Sennheiser

The list would have been incomplete without the mention of this Sennheiser beauty.  How could we afford to miss out on one of the most applauded models launched by this legendary headset brand? As per reviews, the SD DECT carries impeccable audio as well as recording capabilities. Besides, the product can run on single charge all day with its advanced all-day battery juice. No wonder some of the smart truckers swear by this Sennheiser wonder. 

Then, the Sennheiser model covers a long range. So, it will be able to pick up the range easily even if your phone isn’t exactly next to you. Yes, the model is slightly on the expensive side. But, then, looking at the advanced features, the high price tag seems actually justified. 

WISZEN wireless headset

If you are looking for a basic Bluetooth headset that allow easy communication over phone and is also not very bulky in structure, this is the Bluetooth headset for you. But, the headset can’t play music and it’s just for communicating over phone. It’s to stress here the WISZEN model is designed with edgy noise-cancelling technology that keeps communication easily audible and very clear. The device assures HD-quality voice standard so that you can enjoy best of sound quality. 

In regards to operation, you won’t find any button here and the whole device operates through touch function. So, yes, there is a learning curve which might take some time to master. 

BlueParrott B450-XT

The BlueParrottpromises solid noise-reduction technology to ensure the clearest possible audio for users. Yes, it has got bulky earcups and headband but those are the ones that are responsible for the headset’s solid noise-reduction capacity. It should be stressed here, the headset works in tandem with BlueParrott Push app which you would need to download in your smartphone to operate the headset. The app permits users to customize multi-function tab, transform the headset I to walkie-talkie as well as use voice calling memo. 

The BlueParrott model comes with mic foam cushions for ear, micro-USB cable that helps in charging and user manual.

Yamay headset

This stylish headset looks really becoming with its sleek contour. But, there are more to it than only good looks. The headset ensures clear sound for music and communication despite loud ambient noise as its backed by state-of-the-art noise cancellation design. The flexible headband and soft skin-friendly earpads make the headpad really comfortable. You can wear it on for hours when you are on long roads. The headset further promises 17 hours + battery life on one single charge.

So, which one is your pick for this year?

Quick Ways to Fix a Leaky Pipe

After we became owners of this house, we soon became also the ones to now own all of its many problems that go along with being a homeowner!

One day after several months of being the new owner, my ears caught the sound of running water behind the bathroom wall!

Being on a limited income, I decided to research my options for this problem. I knew that it had to be a drain pipe problem because the sound of the running water would come and go shortly after the water was shut down and the drains were clear. The first thing that may come into your mind is to call a plumber in spirngfield. However, there might be other ways that you may consider.

My husband took on the challenge of tearing everything apart to get to the problem. First, he had to turn the water off in the bathroom that is for the sink faucets. Then he had to disconnect the pipes underneath the sink. Which meant, the pipe that leads to the faucets and then the drain piping.

Once the piping was removed, he took the sink out of the cabinet and then he took out the cabinet which left a whole back wall with the small openings where the pipes and drain pipes came through.

My husband then took an exacto blade knife and cut out the wall board that surrounded the drain pipe. He had to remove a good size piece of the plaster board in order to get to the area where the leak was at. Once inside the wall, it did not take him long to locate the leak.

The piping consisted of some newer plastic pipe that was connected to some older lead pipe and shortly after the plastic pipe just beyond the first connection of the new and the old pipe was about a 2 inch hole on the underside of the older pipe!

The question now, was how should we fix this? The plan we came up with was pretty unique and quite simple. We took a 12 oz plastic bottle, cut both ends off of it and sliced it the long way all the way across. We then took it and wrapped it around the leak making sure that the sliced side was in the upward position of the pipe. Holding it tightly around the pipe, we then took duct tape and wrapped that around several times tightly. The last thing we did to ensure this would last, we purchased a rubber boot and two end clamps to also put around this same area. After this was done, we ran water from the kitchen sink since it has an adjoining water source and both drains go down together.

No more leaks and it was time to put everything back.

To put the wall back, my husband took some white duct tape and sealed the seam up with that which was a real work of art because he could hardly tell that the wall had been taken out and put back. This was done around 2005.

Now it is December, 2012 and I once again heard the water noises in the wall. My first assumption was that our patch job had finally gave out and needed a new make over!

Once again, my husband tore apart the sink, plumping and wall to get to the leak problem. When my husband first saw the past job we had originally had done, he exclaimed, “I don’t see where it is leaking at?”

I told him to keep looking maybe it wasn’t there. Much to his surprise, he found a new leak down a little bit further in the older lead cast iron piping,

He did not fix this leak the same way as he did the last one. This time he used fiber-glass tape and wrapped that around the leaky pipe. He had to wait about 15 mintutes until it set and hardened. He also did a boot wrap around this leak as he did the last one. He did not do the plastic bottle wrap around this time.

Since he had to cut out more of the wall to get to the new leak, he had to do some extra taping of the white duct tape. This job only cost him around $30.00 to fix this leak.

How CBD Oil Works For Anxiety And Stress-Related Problems?

Millions of people are affected by stress and anxiety and looking for the natural treatment method. It is not possible to get rid of stress or anxiety with over-the-counter drugs. The use of these drugs may lead to addiction or other serious problems. To avoid the side effects caused by these drugs, you should consider CBD. Everyone may know that CBD comes from the cannabis plant and used for the treatment of stress and pain-related problems. The cbdistillery review can help you to know more about the benefits of CBD products.

To know how CBD works effectively to reduce stress, then you should keep reading this post. When we talk about consuming CBD, then you can easily find a huge variety of CBD products in the market. CBD oil is the purest form of CBD, and that’s why it is more in demand among everyone. While using CBD oil, you don’t need to worry about your health because it is safe to use.

CBD oil and anxiety

As you know, anxiety is a common health disorder, but you can’t deal with it in an easy way. Stress or anxiety intimidates the mental as well as physical health of an individual. The drugs used to overcome stress and anxiety comes with several side effects. If you are looking for something that will cure this problem naturally, then CBD oil is an ideal option. You shouldn’t ignore the importance of CBD oil for the treatment of stress and anxiety.

Taking the right dosage on time can help you to fight against anxiety. In this way, you can live your life happily and kick out the stress. CBD oil works effectively on stress as well as anxiety. All you need to do is to buy the good quality CBD oil from online stores or the local market. Always consider the quality of oil before going to make the final purchases.

What is the right dosage?

While suffering from stress or anxiety, you should use CBD oil to get relief. If you are impressed with the benefits of using CBD oil for anxiety, then you should also buy it. After buying the oil, you can read the instructions on its package, or you can also ask your doctor about it. The dosage of CBD oil varies on the basis of age, your health condition, and other factors. And that’s why it is good to discuss with your doctor before going to start using CBD oil. Talk to your doctor once and tell him all about your medical history and the type of symptoms that you are experiencing.

The final verdict

Once you start taking the right dosage of the best cbd oil for chronic pain or anxiety, you can get the results in a short time. You can also notice the improvements in your overall health.  You should talk to your doctor about it and then get the suggestions to increase or decrease the dosage of CBD oil.

IPhones: Enduring Product Has Become My Lifestyle

Let’s face it: Our lives revolve around technology. With Christmas just around the corner, a lot of people are lining up to purchase the latest gadgets, either for themselves of for their lucky loved ones. The more popular ones, which will always be found on Christmas lists are laptops, cameras, game systems, iPods, and of course, iPhones.

When the iPhone 3G was launched mid-year, it caused a frenzy among the young and the technology-savvy. It promised faster service and reduced prices. Some even transferred phone plans to AT T;, myself included. The 8GB was sold out after the first few weeks and I had to go for the 16GB, which is $100 more. The first few days, I was really satisfied with my iPhone. It lived up to my expecations and more. I can check my emails at the click of a button. When I’m out of the house, I can rely on my phone for movie showtimes and road directions. When I’m out of my town, it serves as my guide to local restaurants and pharmacies. I’m always updated with the most recent news and I’m constantly entertained with a number of games I could install for free. I could even use it to make phone calls to distant friends and relatives. Who would’ve thought? That’s not even a tenth of what I could do with this phone.  If a person wants to keep a check on the partner, then a visit at Come spiare un iphone will be beneficial. It will explain the tips to keep a check over the iphone of the spouse.

So life is all and good, then, I started experiencing problems with my phone. One time, it just shut off for no reason and nothing I do would make it turn back on. After losing hope, it sprang back to life while it was connected to the charger. A few days later, I was playing a game on my phone when I got the so-called white screen of death. Once again, I couldn’t get to the menu. I Googled it and found out that a number of people experienced the same thing with their iPhones. They suggested ways on how I could fix it and thankfully, it was restored to normal. As I was reading their comments online, I noticed there were a lot of complaints from iPhone owners concerning signal, reception, battery life and the like. A lawsuit was even filed against Apple due to connection problems. Some were advising people to stick to the original iPhone, or hold off buying the 3G version until after the problems are sorted out.

After that, I didn’t have any more issues with my phone and I’m still going to recommend it to consumers. I’ve read that Apple already fixed the bug that is associated with most users’s problems. It’s just right for a huge company like Apple to do damage control right away and to make sure that their products in the market are not defective in any way. Hard-earning workers should get what they pay for.

I hope that these iPhones will endure over time and keep me happy for a long time. I’m so used to this phone that I couldn’t imagine getting it changed. I consider it as more than just a necessity; it’s a lifestyle.

Here Are The Best Apps For Your New PC

If you have just bought a new pc, then it is time to download some apps and make it more productive. With thousands of apps to choose to download from, you will be bamboozled to think which are the best apps that you should be checking out. In this blog we are going to discuss about the top 7 apps for pc that we believe deserves a place in your computer.

Affinity Photo –

If photography is your passion, then you will always be looking for a good photo editor. The Affinity Photo is one of the best app you can download in 2020. It has features and interface almost similar to Adobe Photoshop. If you want to unlock all the premium features, you will only have to pay a one time fee of $49. It works really well and has a brilliant rendering.

Spotify Music –

Want to hear some music on your PC? you don’t need to buffer a YouTube video to do that anymore. Just download the Spotify app and play your favorite tracks without any hassles of buffering. They have millions of songs and thousands of artists to choose from. So you can easily choose your favorite ones.

Tweeten –

If you love to surf through Twitter and post tweets throughout the day, the. Tweeten is the app you would want to download. This app is just a compatible version of Twitter for Windows PC. You can easily read tweets, reply to them and carry out all the other functions of the app. You’ll be glad to know that this app also supports the Microsoft Windows Dark Theme mode.

EarTrumpet –

The built-in audio control and manager of the Windows pc is not the best. If you are an audio junkie and want more customizations on your audio, then you must download the EarTrumpet app. It comes with extensive features that allows you to adjust the sound and equalizet settings of any application.

AVAST Antivirus –

When you have got yourself a new PC, it is important that you protect it from Malware and other computer viruses. Avast antivirus is one of the best out there and it also comes with affordable pricing which allows you to buy their premium packages easily. Now, scan your pc, clean cache, eliminate viruses and keep the personal computer healthy year-round.

1Password –

This amazing app is the best way to remember all your online passwords without forgetting any of them. 1Password keeps track of all the passwords that you enter at different sites. Now, in order to unlock the code for the websites, you will only need to remember one universal password that you can set by yourself. So, in simple words, remembering one password will give you access to all the different others.

NextGen Reader –

For all the avid readers, the NextGen Reader is a good app that allows you to check and read articles, journals, magazines and a lot others effortlessly. Available for only $5.99, you can use this reader and also sync the content with your tablet or any other device.

So, these are all the apps that you can download in your new computer. We are sure you will have a great time using these apps and achieve more utility and productivity using them regularly.

You Lost Your Wallet, Now What?

Standing in the check out line ready to pay, you reach for you wallet. it's not there! You check all of your pockets, you look on the ground around you, its not there either. Panic starts to set in, you retrace your steps inside the store and still nothing, you go to the customer service counter and ask if anyone has turned in a wallet; the clerk reply is no. You give them your name and phone number and brief description of the wallet in case someone finds and turns it in. Now, the panic is really setting in, your heart starts to race, your breathing becomes faster, your hands start shaking, you break out into a sweat.

You sprint to the car looking to the ground hoping to see it laying there only to have those hopes trashed. Upon reaching the car you are probably giving yourself a good harsh talking to; how could I have lost it?! how stupid! Getting even more upset and irate you begin asking yourself questions out loud; where did I last have it out? did I even bring it with me? Did if fall out in the car? By now you are tearing through your car, under the seats, in the seats, in the console, above the visor, in the glove box and now you are looking under and around the outside of the car and still nothing!

By now, you are getting physically and mentally exhausted from the anxiety and anger. You get in the drivers seat, pound your hands on the steering wheel and shout a couple of not so nice words while shaking your head. Now what?! What are you going to do? The house! check the house you say, maybe I left there.

You race home like Mario Andriette, pull in the drive, jump out and start looking on the ground all the way up to the door, nothing! OK, OK maybe its in the house; you go through the house like a cyclone looking everywhere, the bedroom – laundry baskets, under the bed, in yesterdays clothes and nada, moving to the living room – throwing couch and chair cushions across the room, next the bathroom (why, who knows). Onto the kitchen – the counter, the floor and still nothing. By now those not so pleasant words are free flowing from your mouth like water from a faucet. The anger and anxiety have reached their peak and you feel like your head is going to explode. How could you be so stupid?! you ask yourself. Collapsing into the nearest chair bowing your head to defeat; you know you have lost it for sure; so now what?

First things first, breath man, breath! Now stop and try to gather your thoughts calmly. What was in your wallet? Cash, credit cards, debit cards, drivers license, social security card, health insurance and vehicle insurance card, while trying to remember all this your mind starts to betray you and you start going blank. Damn it! I cant believe I lost it! OK, OK what else was in there? You start trying to regain control of your thoughts and begin going over the contents and start making a written list.

The next thing you want to do is whip out that handy dandy cell phone and call your bank ASAP! Tell them the situation and have them cancel your current debit and credit cards and reorder new ones. Have them flag your bank account; by flagging they can track any purchases made on that day and in the future. The bank will contact you before any purchases are authorized; to verify YOU made them. OK, thats good, you are starting to feel the tension and anger ease a bit.

Now, drivers license; you need a drivers license. Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles and tell them of your situation. They will inform you of how to obtain a new license; in most cases you can present them with a birth certificate and letter from the social security administration stating you are who you say you are. OK, thats not so bad.

If you dont have a birth certificate you will need to obtain one from your local vital statistics department, you will also need to contact the social security administration and they will tell you where to go and how to obtain documentation of your social security number.

Insurance cards (health amp; car); you need new cards so contact your insurance companies and inform them of the situation and have them send you new ones. You will need a letter or temporary card from your car insurance company immediately. You can either go physically pick it up at their office or they can fax one to you if you have or are near a fax. OK, almost done and although the breathing, heart racing fear and anxiety are dwindling the anger is still lingering on.

You have made all the necessary calls and gathered all the how to info. Now you have to obtain all of your new I.D, cards and documents. If at all possible I suggest you take a day off of work and get it all done at once, other wise you will be trying to squeeze it in on lunch breaks and after work which are the worst times of day to do all of this. The lines are longer, people are in a hurry and tend to be extra rude. This is the last thing you want to deal with; you are aggravated enough as it is.

Now that you have obtained all of the lost documents, all is well and you can relax; not so fast there bub. Since your personal info is floating around in public you will want to check your credit report regularly. I am not trying to put you back in panic mode. You may never have a problem but, the odds of you being a victim of stolen identity increased the day you lost your wallet. So just play it safe, keep an eye on the reports and your wallet. The money of the person will be safe in the thin wallet for men traveling in different states. The folding feature of the wallet will protect it from being got stolen from the thieves in the market.

Comic Book Candy Bars, Decorations, and Party Favors


  • Comic book pages
  • printed comics
  • or newspaper comics
  • Assorted things
  • like tape
  • glue
  • laminate sheet
  • magnetic
  • sheet
  • toothpicks

It’s no big deal when your finances are great and your child asks for a particular theme party. But when you’re financially embarrassed, and your child wants, say, a superhero party, what do you do? It costs a lot of money to have even a small birthday party but you can pull it off; I have confidence. Make your own cake or cupcakes, whip up some inexpensive snacks, and craft your own party favors. It will all work out to be a fantastic party, after all.

You can’t go wrong when you offer candy bars to birthday party kids. It will seem like you shopped with a specialty company when you wrap the candy bars with comics. Measure the original wrapper and cut a comic book piece to be that size. Wrap a comic book piece around each candy bar – in its original wrapper – and tape it on the bottom.

Kids are extremely fond of colorful comic books and derive no greater pleasure than to hold their favorite superheroes in their miniature forms and if it is mixed with candy bars, you can be assured that they will surely savor the pleasure at a different level. Normally, magic show for kids can be a good inclusion into the mixture as it is extremely thrilling for them to enjoy it every bit.

There are lots of other superhero things that you can make for a birthday party. Cut two shapes – like stars – from a comic book page. Glue them together, trapping the end of a toothpick between them. The toothpick makes a great cupcake topper. Forget the toothpick, laminate the shape, and make a comic book coaster for each child. Make a really tiny version of the laminate shape, poke a hole in it, and you can connect a jewelry link to make a key chain, earring, necklace, or bracelet charm.

Make a magnetic puzzle, with a superhero theme, by using old Scrabble tiles. Butt the tiles together in a square arrangement. Cut a comic book page to fit over the top of them and glue it in place. Cut the squares apart and put a small piece of magnetic sheeting on the back of each square. The refrigerator puzzle makes the perfect party favor.

Make a different party favor by wrapping a comic book page around a tin can. Cut the page to be much taller than you need, and push the excess down into the can. That way, you’ll wrap the outside, while lining the inside. Fill it with candy and novelties. Wrap large cans, or oatmeal canisters, and make party table snack servers, for popcorn, pretzels, and more.

Take the staple out of a comic book and use two pages to make a place mat; just laminate it. Kids can take them home after the party. Instead of – or along with – the place mats, use comic book pages to make a table runner. Tape the pages together, end to end, or side-by-side, from one end of the table to the other.

You’ll have no problem pulling off that superhero party for your child. From the decorations, to the party favors, a few comic books will do the trick. Just make sure you can tell the worthless ones from the collector’s comics!

How To Clean An Apartment Or House When You Move Out: In The Inside

Something that is on everyone’s mind when someone is moving out of a rented apartment or house is the big clean up that has to be done before the place can be rented out again. The landlords are wondering if they will have to hire help to get the place in shape for showing and the people who are moving out are wondering if they are going to have time to clean everything.

Cleaning the Floors in the Apartment or House

Give the floors a good sweep and a good mopping at that. If you are pressed for time you can spot wash the floors to make sure that you get in areas that were dirty. You don’t want to give the landlord any reason to feel that they have to hire someone by the hour, keep in mind that you may be charged as much as 20 dollars per hour for someone to clean your house or apartment after you move out. If the landlord does not see it fit for showing in the condition that you leave it, they most likely will hire someone clean the apartment or house.

Cleaning is a process that has to be followed by the children as they are too lazy to move about and let their parents do everything for them but if you’re alone and have the landlord to deal with, you might keep it shining from time to time as it will help in creating a good impression on him and, who knows, if you’re lucky, he might slash his prices a bit or provide you some small time favors so clean it to make it look like the Parc Central Residences of Shaftesbury Avenue or some regular Chicago location.

Cleaning the Carpets in the Apartment or House

It will be very likely that the landlord of the house or apartment that you are renting will clean the carpets before a new person rents the apartment or house. However you should vacuum so you don’t have to worry if the landlord will look to see if the carpet needs vacuumed before they have the carpets cleaned. Plus you don’t want to leave any stains because then you will have to pay for the labor of replacing the carpet and the cost of the carpet that is used in the replacement.

Cleaning the Walls in the Apartment or House

It will be less about cleaning the walls in the house or apartment before you move out and more about painting and doing touch ups on the walls of the apartment or house that you are renting. The charges that applies for the time that is spent cleaning is the same for the time that is spent painting. This means that if you see that a piece of furniture caused a mark on the wall you will want to paint over it. If you placed any nails in the walls you will want to remove them and spackle and paint over the nail holes. You don’t want to have to pay for the labor of all this if the landlords will have to do it, it shouldn’t take that long but still there is no reason that because someone had to spackle and paint the nail holes that it should cost you $20 hourly wage.

Cleaning the Windows, Doors and Blinds in the Apartment or House

By dusting the blinds and cleaning the windows with Windex you will assure that they are clean enough that the landlords can show the place without having to clean. Wipe off any markings that may be on the doors in the apartment or house.

Cleaning the Light Fixtures, Fans , Fireplace and Heaters in the Apartment or House

Clean around the fireplace and dust the mantel. Dust off the blades of the fan and empty the light fixtures of any bugs that may have accumulated there while you were renting the apartment or house. Keep in mind you will want to make sure that every light in the apartment isn’t burnt out. They won’t have to be brand new but your landlord will want to be able to turn on a light if they want to. Lastly dust off the heating units in the apartment or house.

Something that can help motivate you when you are cleaning the apartment or house that you live in will be that fact that you won’t have to pay 20 dollars every hour that someone else would be doing the same thing that you are doing.

The Top New Year’s Resolution

My number one New Year’s resolution is to live a holistic healthier life. Attached to that resolution of course, is weight loss, but I refuse to box myself into a “diet”. The strange thing is most diets are not made to treat my bad habits; the habit of not eating enough, not sleeping enough and stressing way too much. Some days I forget to eat, for getting caught up in business related activities. For the same reason, I seem to get only 3 good hours of sleep, and you guessed it, stressing over my business related activities. My body holds on to weight, stores fat to protect me. My body believes I am in a famine. This year I am going to show my body that it lives in Eden.

They say that it is 30 days to a new habit. It is December 2nd of 2009 and I have already started to practice that lifestyle back in October to give myself a head start. Are you not surprised? Well that might be because, like me, you have had the same resolution for years. Let me tell you what we are going do differently, starting now for 2010.

  1. To start, we are going to explore healthy food recipes until we find at least 5-10 meals that we really enjoy eating and include cabbage in our daily or weekly diet to flush our bodies of toxins.

There are some great recipes in Epicurious  amp; Bon Appetit. Some of my favorite recipes are.

  • Bon Appetit
  • Spicy Thai Tofu with Red Bell Peppers and Peanuts
  • Curried Pea Frittata with Fresh Tomato Chutney
  • Quinoa with Black Beans and Cilantro
  • Traditional Indian Raita
  • Epicurious
  • Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie
  • Vegetarian Pad Thai
  • Vegetarian Dumplings
  • Vegetarian Brown Rice Sushi Rolls
  1. We are going to make a play list of 2-5 high tempo songs that release serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good and rids the body of stress. The music you choose should help you to imagine yourselves at your best. Music is a very good serotonin releaser.
  2. We are going to get up first thing in the morning and dance to that play list and do it again before you sleep. When you are dancing, you are going to try to do everything you imagine yourself doing, no matter how stupid you think you look trying. This is like exercise but not more of a stress release.
  3. We are going to juice spinach, carrots, and apple and drink that once a day. Spinach is the super food of all supper foods. There are no limits to the benefits of spinach. The chlorophyll is good for cleaning the lungs for healthier breathing, which will get my oxygen into the body. One of oxygen’s many benefits is that it restores the cells in the body.
  4. Take a hot shower, after night workout and before bed and get 8 hours of sleep.

We are going to give our bodies’ better food, serotonin, and more rest.

Live and love your life and free others to do the same. In addition, you may also consider seeking help from medical professional such as tummy tuck. Tummy tuck, can help slim and tone your abdominal area.

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