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India-Pakistan Semi Final Sends India to Cricket World Cup Final

The India-Pakistan semi final in the Cricket World Cup exceeded expectations. Not only did the semi final attract a record number of viewers, it also had India and Pakistan play without any major incidents. Given the brutal history between these two countries, putting them together in anyway doesn’t always go smoothly. However, the biggest battles were on the cricket field yesterday, with the fight ultimately won by the home team.

The two powers played in front of a big pro-India crowd in Mohali, and in front of both nation’s prime ministers. Ultimately, the Indians came out ahead, as they advanced to the championship match with a 29-run victory.

Although the Pakistanis won their group and beat three-time champion Australia to do it, their rivals were riding home field advantage and were coming off their own upset of the Aussies. By winning, India now gets the home advantage for the finals, as they face fellow co-host Sri Lanka in Mumbai on Saturday.

Much of the world was on the edge of their seat due to this super-charged pairing. According to NDTV, 67.53 million people watched the match on TV, which is a new record for cricket. But this may set the bar too high for the finals, which do not have two rival nations facing each other.

This semi final match may not pave the way for peace between India and Pakistan – since not much has done that in the past. But it could prove to be a major sign of some kind, since their cricket teams haven’t faced off as often since the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Since Pakistani groups were blamed for the bombing, bilateral sporting matches between these two nations had been suspended. But following yesterday’s reunion, there are talks of a new series of games between the cricket teams.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani were able to meet in Mohali for this special occasion the Indian premiere league has sponsor ipl 2020 schedule pdf which has given them some information over the new players and their records that they have made in the matches which have been taken for test and given them chance to participate in ranjis trophy. According to India Today, they are soon likely to announce that bilateral cricket series between their countries will resume. After Pakistan’s defeat, they are likely more eager to get another shot at their arch-rivals.

But first, those arch-rivals have a World Cup to win, now that the India vs Pakistan hype is finally dying down. Sri Lanka has to hope the semi final took too much out of their opponents – although the crowd in Mumbai will be eager to help them focus again on Saturday.

Rid Yourself of Crow’s Feet – Sign of aging for the person

Reducing Crows Feet

Crow’s Feet are usually the first sign of age on a persons face. While it is true that some of us become afflicted with the unsightly lines in our 20’s most of us will notice them by time we hit our late 30’s.

Due to my own personal experience, I believe crow’s feet can be attributed to weak supporting muscles and loss of skin firmness. Have you been injured after a botched cosmetic surgery? If yes, then the treatment from the facelift will be beneficial for the person. It will act on the face muscles without providing pain. 

I have tried many approaches to remove them without having surgery or by painful injections. By actively seeking solutions I found that a multi-step approach has worked best for me and may offer you stunning results as well.

In this article I tell you how I have been able to lose the eye wrinkles widely known as crow’s feet and how you may be able to lose them, too.

Disclaimer. Please note that before you begin or take any advice it is always best to ask a doctor about any new creams or regimes you try so that you do not harm your eyes.


Every morning and every night before bed look into a mirror and take your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger on both hands and place your hands to the corresponding side of the your face. Your three fingers should be resting near the outside of the eye where you have crow’s feet lines. Do not apply pressure or push down hard. Now, with your fingers in place, blink your eyes and hold for 10 seconds and then open your eyes wide. Offer a little resistance with your fingers. You will be able to feel the muscles moving under your fingers. Do this about 20 times and then relax for a few seconds and repeat. Do these exercises for 2-5 minutes. Lastly, place your fingers back into position and very lightly tap them. Do this for about a minute. If you experience any pain or get tired stop immediately.

These exercises should be done consistently day and night for best results.

Skin Care:

At least every other day you will want to use a good microdermabrasion product. You can find microdermabrasion creams in most pharmacies and large stores. Very lightly massage micro cream mixture. Be careful NOT to Pull or Drag Skin, you will make wrinkles worse if you pull or drag the skin. You should do your whole face as well including your forehead and chest. If skin gets red or irritated stop immediately. Do not let any of the microdermabrasion product get into eyes.

After you do a microdermabrasion on your skin use an eye cream product containing peptides or retinols. These renew the skin. These can be found in eye creams formulations at your local pharmacy or store. If the cream makes you irritated or red stop using it, as you may be sensitive to retinol.

Eye Patch:

At night use an eye patch such as Frownies for crow’s feet. You wet them in water and place them on top of your crow’s feet and sleep with them on. The Frownies website can be found online at and I believe they work wonders. If you cannot afford Frownies the store bought scar pads doubled up offer some good results.

A How-To Guide for Some Annoying Household Problems

There are problems that occur on a regular basis in every household. The frequency of some of these problems can be reduced with regular preventive steps while others have to be addressed as they present themselves. The goal here is to make life a little easier by spending less time on these problems.


If you are living in a humid area then the growth of molds in your house is a really common problem that you face. Since there is nothing you can do about the weather you can hire services like mold inspection NJ, which will remove any mold that is growing in your house really efficiently. 

Refrigerator odors:

Keep an open container of baking soda on a shelf in the refrigerator to absorb unwanted odors.

Refrigerator or freezer not getting cold enough:

Check the coils located either behind or underneath the unit. If there is a lot of dust on the coils, it will affect the efficiency. Unplug the unit and gently brush the coils. Use a vacuum to thoroughly clean them.

Clogged Drains:

To help prevent this problem, pour some baking soda and white vinegar into each of your sink, shower, and tub drains once a month. Let it sit for about a half-hour. Flush by running hot water down the drain. Use the baking soda from the container in your refrigerator first so that you put fresh baking soda into that container. Note: If you have a septic system, seek expert advice before using this method as it may affect the necessary bacteria in the system.

Foggy mirrors:

To prevent mirrors from fogging up, rub a small amount of a paste car wax on the mirror and then buff it off with a soft cloth.

Mildew on tub and shower tiles:

Use white vinegar on a rag to wipe between the tiles. Not only will it remove the mildew but it will retard the forming of future growth.

Ant invasion:

Put dry bay leaves on the inside of window sills where ants are most likely to cross. They hate the bay leaves for some reason and avoid them like the plague. Also, spray a band of insect spray around the entire outside foundation of the house when the weather starts to warm up and the ants become active. Make sure to spray all bottom saddles of entrance doorways and a section of any drainpipes that they might climb.

Squeaky hinges:

Spray WD-40 on hinges. Do this every couple of months to prevent them from becoming squeaky.

Loose screws in door hinges:

If the screw holes have become too loose over time, remove the screws and place toothpicks, dipped in wood glue, into the holes. Jam in as many of the toothpicks as you can and break off flush with the surface. Wait about an hour and then thread the screws back into the holes.

Smoke detectors beeping in the middle of the night from weak batteries:

Change the batteries every six months when the clocks are moved ahead or moved back. Lives are more important than the extra cost of using more batteries. Never allow these batteries to get to the point of being weak.

Removing stuck-on chewing gum:

Rub an ice cube on the gum to harden it and then try pulling it off the surface.

Squeaky wood floors:

Squirt some talcum powder onto the floor near the area of the squeak. Slowly brush the powder into the cracks between the wood slats.

Melted candle wax on material:

If the particle is small enough, place it in the freezer to harden the wax. Flick off the hardened wax. Place a piece of brown paper over the stained area and use a medium heat setting on iron to go over it. This will remove most of the oil base. Put a small amount of detergent on the area and wash it as usual.

Grease or oil on material:

Immediately sprinkle some corn starch over the stain to absorb as much of it as possible. When dry, brush the corn starch off and put detergent on the area. Wash as usual.

Tilted picture frames:

Place a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the frame, centered on the bottom, and press against the wall.

These are only a few of the household problems that we encounter in our daily lives but any solution that can lessen the work involved is helpful.

Window Cleaning For The Perfect Shine!

I have often marveled at how quickly and smoothly professional window washers move. They use their squeegee like a finely tuned instrument to make the windows they are cleaning turn out absolutely and flawlessly perfect. After I bought my first home, being a bit of a perfectionist myself, I did a bit of research and observation into some really great tricks that these professional window washers use. It really is quite a bit more simple to learn than it looks if you can believe that. Once I tried it for myself, I actually got a little bit of a thrill out of cleaning my own windows to a perfect sparkling clean shine and am a bit embarrassed to say that it has become a part of my cleaning ritual, if not a bit of an addiction of sorts.

The thing that I figured out is that investing in a really high quality squeegee makes all of the difference. Scrimping on quality in exchange for saving a few dollars is simply not worth it. Not by a long shot! The difference in the results can be huge! Invest in a professional quality squeegee. They have a blades made out of rubber which are very soft and have absolutely no imperfections in them. They are made from the highest quality rubber and materials and are not easily damaged, unlike the cheap ones which are made from a more rough and cheaper rubber and plastic material. They usually include replaceable blades that you can change just like on a windshield wiper as each one wears out. There are many sources to find professional quality squeegees by doing a search in your local yellow pages or on the internet. Do not settle for the dollar store brand.

I found out by trial and error that it is best to do the windows on a day that is on the cool and cloudy side, as heat and sun can make your windows streak. Very early morning is a good time to do your windows, as it is generally cooler in the mornings. Heat and humidity can sabotage your efforts as I have found out from my own experience.

While some may take it as a tedious job, it does help your house more attractive and cleaning windows after dusk is quite difficult as all the dust and dirt from the day gets accumulated and the temperature is quite hot so it becomes a headache to do so. You are left with no choice than to call window cleaning leeds to finish the task that you started.

What to wash it with? I use a bucket of chemical free water that I filter myself in my own water filter system and heat it up until it is of lukewarm temperature. Next I add about 2 tablespoons of ammonia. I use a soft, smooth sponge that has a scrubber on the other side of it. Note that you should never use a sponge that is course! Next, I wet the window with the sponge side and then use the other side with the scrubber on it in order to scrub the window. You can tell by the way it feels when it is completely clean. You can easily feel the bumps when it still needs more scrubbing. This is a very important step, yet very simple. If you scrub until every singel bump of dirt is gone then you will have done an excellent job. If not then you are going to have a window that does not come out perfect.

You will need to have several very clean cotton rags available. I always dry the freshly scrubbed window by hand. The trick that the professionals use for a perfect streak free window is that when you use the squeegee it must be placed to begin with on a completely dry spot on the window, so dry with the rags a straight area across the top about an inch or two from below the top, up to the top.

Take the squeegee and start at the very top of the window in that dry area. Now pull the squeegee down gently and every so smoothly, drying your blade each time you get to the bottom of the window. Repeat this until you have done the entire window, drying the squeegee each and every time, no fail.

To finish it off, take a fresh, dry and very clean cloth and wipe down each window side and across the bottom to clean and dry the edges as needed. Your windows will look perfect and beautiful!

Top Five Pet Peeves in Email Marketing

Truth be told, I am not a fan of email marketing. When done right, it can be effective to regain the attention of customers who have lost interest, or continue to feed and improve existing customer relationships, but in my experience, most companies do not use effective strategies in targeting and segmenting their email newsletter lists, rendering their email marketing campaigns ineffective.

Emails have become quite boring these days as they are seen as obsolete and out of synchronization with times so you people may rather find the best Sales Tracking Software for your business and go into sales as that is a far better outcome than email marketing.

Over the past few days, I’ve been reviewing email advertising sent to my email account, and have compiled a list of my top five pet peeves when it comes to email marketing campaigns, in reverse order, so you’ll have to go to the bottom of the list to see what I find the most annoying when it comes to advertising emails.

  1. The content of the email is completely irrelevant to me.

The best example I can give from my own email box is from a parenting newsletter I’m subscribed to. The site asks you for your child’s date of birth or due date, so that they can send you information about what your child should be doing at a certain age, milestones they should be working toward, and so on. So why, with an 18 month old, am I getting email advertising (presumably used to cover the cost of the company’s newsletter) about signing up for cord blood banking services? Not only do I not have any interest in this service, once a baby is born and you’ve taken them home from the hospital, you physically can’t use this service.

  1. I can’t find a way to opt-out from your email newsletter without a magnifying glass.

I realize that it’s not ideal to have people want to opt-out of an email newsletter, but it happens. I recently got subscribed to an email mailing list because I had started to order a product from the company and then found a better deal elsewhere. When I started getting their newsletter twice a day (another pet peeve I will address shortly), I wanted to opt-out. Buried in some legal mumbo jumbo at the very end of the email, in four point font, was a link to “change your email settings”.

To be fair, the company smartly offered me a 25% off coupon after I had unsubscribed (great strategy!), but at that point I was so annoyed by the fact that they had hit on two of my five pet peeves that I didn’t want to do business with them anymore.

  1. The subject line in your email doesn’t grab my attention.

I don’t have much to say about this, other than that if your email headline says something to the effect of “Hi friend”, or “Just for”, I’m not going to open the email. You might be legitimate, you might be part of a phishing scheme, but from this headline, I have no way to know, and I’m not going to open the email to find out. Where is the targeting? Where is the call to action?

  1. Your email newsletter sends me so a page I don’t have access to!

I can understand, sometimes you want to send an email newsletter to get someone to sign up for premium content on your website, especially if you’re a blogger or news-oriented site. However, it is really annoying to see a headline and summary for an awesome story in an email newsletter, and then click on the link and be told “Sorry, you need to be a paid subscriber to view this content.” When this happens, I just feel tricked, like my intelligence has been insulted.

My suggestion: link to free content within the email newsletter, then within the free content, offer links to premium content (and indicate on your website whether that content is premium or free before I click the link).

Furthermore, if your email newsletter has broken links…shame on you.

  1. You send too much email!

I cannot express how annoying it is to get email advertising from a company three times a week. If I haven’t purchased from you in six months (or never), emailing me multiple times within a week isn’t going to change my mind. Be smart – segment your email lists based on purchase history and frequency. If I’ve bought from you in the last month, I might want to hear from you weekly or biweekly. If it’s been six months or more (or never), I might only want to hear from you once a month.

How to Go Green: Patio Furniture

Eco-friendly, short for environment friendly, is a practice used on manufacturing and other processes to limit the amount of damage done to the environment compared to traditional methods. However, you can’t simply plop the same furniture indoors as you do outdoors because it is subject to damage from the weather. Rather, you need different furniture that is solely suited for all of the things nature may throw at it. This is where you can save by using Madbury Road Outdoor Furniture that is eco-friendly and is capable of sustaining damage from the weather as well, making it a perfect choice for outdoor furniture. Besides that, here are some tips on how to go green on the patio and make sure that what you pay for is worth the price.


Polywood is an eco-friendly manufacturer that makes furniture, like lawn chairs and tables, for the patio. The furniture uses recyclables, like plastic milk jugs, along with wood to create a durable, sturdy creation that won’t fall apart within a year. In addition, the materials are weather-resistant and the pieces come in six colors so you can add some color to your patio. Polywood furniture is also easy to clean; you only need a bit of soap and water to get any kind of insects or dirt off it. In fact, I bought a Polywood chair for my patio at my apartment. After it rains, it’s not uncommon to see a couple of dead bugs on it or spiders crawling on it. Another residue is sometimes left on the chair – such as the toll of being outside twenty-four hours a day. Either way, it’s simple to clean: just throw some water on it and do a little scrubbing before it’s all completely gone. Polywood makes a great choice for its simplicity and eco-friendly furniture choices.


Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is a grass and one that grows incredibly fast too. It is sturdy, abundant, and can grow even during the most adverse conditions. What’s great about bamboo for going green is that you don’t have to kill trees, which you would do by purchasing wood, to have it in your house. Using less wood is a good thing because this means less deforestation around the world. Less deforestation means more trees which can do their job: eat up carbon dioxide, the main killer of our atmosphere, and release more oxygen. Bamboo is a great alternative to wood, and unlike what you’d expect, fashionable too!


Teak is also a great addition to your patio if you’re planning to go green. Teak materials are generally very weather-resistant, using natural oils to make sure that it is not subject to attrition. In addition, teak materials generally are harvested in sustainable growth plantations. This means that they’re not damaging forests or contributing to the problem of deforestation. Instead, the process is strictly monitored to make sure that the safety of the environment is the first priority. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about any off-gassing from teak materials, whereas off-gassing is common on most other new materials (think of the fresh new car smell). For these reasons, a teak is a valuable option when deciding on eco-friendly patio furniture.

Durable Furniture

If you’re having trouble finding the right green furniture, you can go to sleep at night knowing that, at least, you found durable furniture. If you buy furniture that can last the consistent beatings of weather, you’ve already gone, somewhat, green. By purchasing durable furniture, this means that it won’t have to go to the dump any time soon. This also means that less energy will be used because it actually costs energy to get rid of a piece of trash. Less energy used means less carbon dioxide and other toxic gases released into the atmosphere. So, don’t fret: if you’re having trouble, look for durable items to put on your patio as a last resort.

How to get relief from Lower Back Pain and Your spinal pain!

I’ve grown quite attached to my back over the years. Lower back pain, not so much. In fact one of the great paradigms of my life is how I manage to go to the gym several times a week and throw all sorts of weight around with no problems and then go home and blow out my lower back while bending over to tie my shoe.

Fortunately that does not happen very often (knock on wood). Rather than learn to live with lower back pain I have opted to fight back. I’m not sure it’s a fight I can win but it beats sitting around.

An Ounce of Prevention?

I’ve heard from more than one medical professional that back pain – especially lower back pain – is one of those ailments that don’t really have a cure. It kind of creeps up on you. I’m not sure I really buy into that. I think how you live and the activities or work you participate in can accelerate the inevitable, and conversely your healthy lifestyle can aid you in a faster recovery when lower back pain flares up.

Exercise not only keeps you healthy and flexible but it does the same for your back. If you consider that your back is the conduit/center of balance for pretty much everything you do then it makes sense that a varied exercise program that not only focuses on aerobic conditioning but also on strength will keep your back in good standing (no pun intended).

How You Do What You Do

According to an article on, how you do pretty much everything that you find yourself doing can impact the risk of lower back pain. But what’s almost laughable is how easy it is to rectify lower back risks:

Slouching while you sit, stand or walk: Well this is a no-brainer if ever there was one. If you slouch while sitting then SIT UP STRAIGHT. When walking push those shoulders back! When you stand, STAND UP STRAIGHT. If it’s that difficult there is even a sort of “posture-harness” that helps keep your back squared away until it become second nature.

In a related topic your shoes can wreak havoc on your back also. High heels can actually help to a certain extent (well, for women anyway) because they force you to maintain balance and walk erect. But if you suffer from lower back pain, low heels are the way to go. If the pain is increasing continuously, then person should Contact Dr. Joshua S. Rovner to get instant relief. A contact can be established through online sites or phone call to the surgeon. 

Poor Sleeping Posture: I’d have never believed there was such a thing as poor sleeping posture. I mean – how the heck can you slouch while you sleep? Actually, if your box spring is more like a bean bag and less than a mattress then you’re setting yourself up. Your back needs to be relatively straight when sleeping. Having said that though, different sleeping positions can help. Sleeping on your side is always good. If you sleep on your back try a pillow under your knees.

Watch Your Weight

One of the smartest ways to keep the stress of your lower back is by keeping your weight down. Think about it: where’s that tummy of yours? Down (albeit in front) by your lower back. If you’re overweight the weight of your gut is pulling you forward which increases the strain on your back. So if you slim down it takes the pressure off.

So maybe there isn’t a sure-fire cure for lower back pain. But there are plenty of common sense tips to keep your back strong in addition to the rest of your body as well! It’s all tied together one way or another.

6 Popular Healthcare Jobs You Might Want To Check Out

Are you aspiring for a career in the healthcare industry? Well, the healthcare industry is one of the biggest job providers in any country and there are several job designations to apply for? In fact, some of them might not even require college degree and you can take them as part-time jobs with your college education. However, some of them would certainly require specialized certifications. The post below offers a brief on some of the most popular job positions in the contemporary healthcare industry.

Home-health aides

In simple words, home-health aides are caregivers who take care of senior patients under at-home health care. As per the market reports, the job of home-health aides is expected to grow by a whopping 47% by 2026. Yes, the pay isn’t that high but the job doesn’t require college degree. It means, you can take it up as part-time job for an extra income while continuing your education.

Medical Coding Specialist

Medical coding refers to the process of transformation of various healthcare diagnosis reports, medical services, procedures as well as equipments into medical alphanumeric (universally accepted) codes. The procedure and diagnosis codes are needed for documentation of medical records. If you want to a Medical Coding Specialist, you must obtain an AAPC-accredited certificate.

Physician Assistant

Abbreviated as “PA”, this is one of the highest paying jobs in the contemporary healthcare industry. As the name says, a PA would have to be a constant assistant of a physician and help him/her in various procedural or therapeutic tasks. The PA market has been estimated to grow by6 37% by 2026. You will need bachelor’s degree here as well as master’s degree in physical assisting.

Assistant for physical therapists

These professionals assist physical therapists in several tasks related to implementation of rehab therapies and exercise to patients. In fact, if you are aspiring for a career in physical therapy in near future, start your journey as an assistant to one to strengthen your skills and attain hands-on experience. The demand for the position of assistant for physical therapists is estimated to grow by 31% by 2026. It only means, excellent opportunities are waiting for aspiring assistants for physical therapists.

Registered Nurse

The healthcare industry is incomplete without caring, efficient and empathetic nurses. In fact, their demand is no less than surgeons or physicians. So, RN would be a great career move for you if you love to take care of people. The minimum educational qualification required here is bachelor’s degree. But alongside, you will also require associate degree to get qualified for RN.


With the whole world fast getting conscious about healthy diet and weight loss, certified dieticians are in huge demand today. Interestingly, dietitians not only help people fighting with obesity. But, the main job of a dietitian is to ensure a person gets the perfect balanced meal, as per his/her specific job type, age, medical condition and so on. Thus, you have dietitians working in hospitals, rehab centers, gyms, sports teams and so on.

So, which one would be your pick here?

How to Prove the Value of Your Assets for the Insurance Company

Any of us who are awake and even half-listen to the TV or glance at a newspaper realize that disasters happen to all people in all areas of the country and at any time of the year. There seems to be a higher number of wildfires this year than normal and who knows how many hurricanes and tornadoes will strike this year. And don’t forget about robberies and theft. The types and number of disasters that can hit seem to be unlimited. Thank goodness we have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance. By the way, do you have enough insurance? How do I know? Take some time during the next month to do these safeguards to make sure you are properly insured and that you are fairly paid back the money that the insurance company owes you should you become a victim of any disaster.

A home inventory is absolutely critical to making sure that first, you know how much insurance you need and second how much money the insurance company needs to pay you should your “stuff” get ruined. There are two important tasks here. First, we need to know what needs to be documented and second, how do we document it?

Your first job is to provide a description of everything you own. We are talking about furniture, clothing, electronics, collectibles, everything. You need to list each item and the purchase price. If you have the receipt for the more expensive items, include that with the description of the item; the date you bought the item; and if the item has a warranty, include that. For your appliances and expensive electronic equipment include the serial numbers and model numbers. If you have collectibles or expensive artwork and jewelry that are appraised, include a copy of the appraisal with the description.

It will come as no surprise to you that this is a big job. Do not expect to complete this in a week. Do yourself a favor and start with one room and have a goal to complete each room in your house or apartment in about two weeks. When the initial documented inventory is done, you can easily update it with your new purchases and remove the items you throw away.

The second step to this process is figuring out how to document your inventory for insurance purposes. There are three ways to do this. Pick the way that is the easiest and works for you.

1) If you are comfortable with a computer, you can download a free copy of an inventory program that works with a PC or Mac. Get it from The software program makes it fairly pain-free and reasonably quick. Save your work on several different media and keep a hard copy in your safe-deposit box.

2) You could also use a camera and photograph your possessions. With a digital camera, this should be fairly easy, also. Make a print of each of your pictures and write down the important information on the back of each picture. The advantage of using a digital camera is you can store the digital files onto several media for safekeeping. And if you getting your blog insured then you can use your online content and stats to get insurance. If you are wondering Why you need blogger insurance then you can click here to learn about that. 

3) While writing down your inventory may not be the most efficient, it does work and you don’t need any additional equipment other than paper and a pen. Check with your insurance company as they may have an inventory form that could be helpful.

If you went the electronic route for your inventory, you may want to check They do charge a fee, but after you have uploaded your inventory to their site, you can access your data from any computer; a definite advantage.

How to Exercise a Puppy Inside

If you have a puppy, there are many reasons you may not be able to take it outside. Extremely cold or hot weather or aggressive neighborhood dogs may make it unsafe for both you and your pet to go for walks around the block. To avoid many illnesses, especially the often fatal parvo virus, young puppies that have not yet completed their rounds of vaccinations and received an okay from a vet should never be exposed to areas that any unvaccinated dog has had access to.

These situations are not uncommon for pet owners, and many are left wondering how to keep their energetic puppy exercised and stimulated. Puppies that are not exercised become high strung, bored, and sometimes depressed. This can lead to barking or howling, excessive chewing, aggression, and digging. Owners need to remember that though providing a puppy with many chew toys will help to save furniture and belongings from puppy teeth, toys alone will not stimulate a puppy enough to burn off energy. To do this, you will need to get involved.

Walks Indoors

Don’t think that being stuck inside means your puppy can not be walked. Though it will not be as exciting as a walk around the block, you can walk your puppy around your home on the leash just as well. Because being walked in your home will not stimulate your puppy the same way, use this time to teach your puppy leash manners. Keep your puppy walking by your side or slightly behind you, and occasionally stop to command your puppy to sit or lay down before continuing.

If you own a treadmill, you may be able to teach your puppy to walk on it. Start out slowly when introducing your puppy to the treadmill. Begin with the treadmill off until your puppy is completely comfortable standing on it, and slowly increase the speed for your pet. Keep the speed of the treadmill at the pace you would walk if you were taking your puppy out for a brisk walk, and allow your puppy to get off if it begins to show signs of distress. (It may take a few days or weeks for your dog to be confident enough to walk on the treadmill at this speed, remember to let your puppy set the pace it is comfortable with.)


Games are a good way to get your puppy to burn off bursts of energy without becoming bored right away.

A popular favorite game to play with dogs and puppies is fetch. Throw their favorite toy and let the puppy bring it back to you to throw again. Some dogs will instinctively retrieve the toy and bring it back, while others will need to be called back to you. A site will be provided for offering information about the puppy exercises, a person should go here at the sites An examination will be done through the toys for no issue in occurrence of the exercises. 

If you have a puppy that would rather be chased or play tug-of-war after they retrieve their toy, be careful about indulging in the game. Some owners have found that this will teach a puppy that it is fun to run from you, or that they don’t have to drop items they have when commanded, while others have found that a dog can tell when you are playing and when you are serious. If you notice your puppy is taking this behavior outside of play time, it is time to stop playing chase and tug of war and reinforce rules.

Another game you can play with your puppy is hide and seek. To play, your puppy must first know how to sit and stay. Give your puppy the sit and stay commands, and leave the room. Hide in a simple place (such as around the corner, or behind a door) and call your puppy to you. If your puppy can’t find you, call again until you’re found. When you are, get excited and jump around, praising your puppy. Have your puppy sit and stay again, and hide in another room. The more excited you are when your puppy finds you, the more enthusiastically your puppy will run around searching for you.