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Guidance For Maintaining Of The Fit Body For Life Plan

What is Body For Life? Body For Life is a complete lifestyle change. A diet and fitness overhaul in a world where processed foods are a quick and easy staple for any busy persons diet. It is so easy to pop a low-fat frozen dinner in the microwave, or munch on some low fat cookies and chips and think we are being good to ourselves and eating fine. Yet most of us are still overweight. Why is that? Processed foods are helping us keep that weight on. Normally when a product has says low fat, it means something in the ingredients was taken out and replaced with sugar or chemicals. Yuck! Unfortunately, as we all know sugar turns to nasty fat that sticks to your thighs. Ever notice how those processed fat-free cookies and fat-free chips just cause you to be hungry ten minutes later? They lack the proper nutritional content that keeps your body full longer and send a rush of insulin that causes you to be ravenous. Then you crash and feel horrible. Your tired, you have overeaten junk and you feel depressed.

The plan itself was founded by Bill Philips, a former competitive bodybuilder. He is also the founder of EAS. EAS is a company that specializes in selling nutritional products and supplements. Do you have a “hip dip”? Then there will be requirement for consultation with an expert for reducing the hip dip. The fat from the hip will be reduced through the injecting of the injections.

Body For Life encourages clean eating. Choosing a lean protein and a healthy and filling carb eat each meal helps you stay full longer. The meal plan encourages you to eat three balanced meals and three balanced snacks daily. Some examples of some healthful foods the plan encourages are lean ham, lean chicken, lean steak, egg whites, fruits, veggies, and whole grains such as whole wheat pasta, brown rice, potatos, etc. You eat this way six days a week and then one day a week you have what one might call a “cheat day” but Body For Life prefers to call it a “free day”. You can eat anything you want that day. Having a free day once a week not only helps some people psychologically realize they are not starving or depriving themselves, but it actually has been shown to help shock the body into losing weight sometimes.

The exercise routine is pretty intense. Three days a week you lift weights, three days you do an intense twenty minute cardio routine using a method of varying intensity levels. During cardio You start out the first five minutes working out at an intensity level of about a five (This varies on what you would personally consider a five) and work up to what you would consider a nine, and then start back down at the five again, and go back up to the nine. You repeat this pattern until the last two minutes or so of your 20 minutes when you really push yourself to a level ten. This routine can be done using any piece of exercise equipment or even just walking/jogging/running around your house.

During the days you weight train, you will alternate upper body and lower body workouts every other day. The Body For Life book outlines each exercise for you. You pick two exercises from each muscle group to do. You lift five sets of one of the exercises, and one of the other. The intensity level for the weights is the same as it is for cardio. You start out lifting the first set at a level five, and then your last set of the first muscle group should be a nine. The one and only set you do for the second exercise you chose should be at a level ten intensity. Confused yet? It is a bit confusing, but very effective. You repeat this pattern for each muscle group until you have finished all exercises in the upper or lower body group.

I myself have tried the plan and if you work it, and push yourself, it WILL work. I managed to lose fifteen pounds in a month. It is definitely a healthy way to eat and lose weight while building muscle.

If anyone is interested, Body For Life is always holding a twelve week challenge where you can enter and do the plan for twelve weeks. You take your before and after pictures and document your progress. Then you send in your results and are entered to win money and prizes. I personally think this is a great way to stay healthy and get fit. It isn’t the easiest way of life to stick to, but it is well worth trying. It may seem like alot of work, but it really isn’t. You get your cardio workout in less half an hour, and the weights workout is only forty-five minutes. Have you ever wanted a six pack? This is the way to get it. You definitely won’t get one eating fat-free cookies and diet soda.

Guide in Changing and Choosing Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is one of the most popular games across the gaming community. One of the reasons for that is because Rise of kingdoms delivers features of wide variety of game genres. With the continuous development and addition of unique flavors in the games, the creators have really gone a long way to build a spectacular game that games from different parts of the world will certainly appreciate. Another reason why gamers love Rise of Kingdoms is that it allows them to build and choose the type of kingdom that they prefer. So if you are a beginner in this amazing game and not yet sure what kingdom is the right one for you, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with a guide on how to change civilizations and in choosing the type of civilization for you.

Generally, rise of kingdom starts by providing users the freedom of choosing from a total of 8 kingdoms or civilizations. The initial choice will set the foundation of your entire game. Despite the fact that there is a way to change your civilization on a latter part of the game, it might cost you a lot. How much? Well, it is a colossal cost of 10,000 games. In addition, every kingdom comes with its unique hero. Even though you may consider hero is a big factor, decision-making should be your number one deciding factor, as your strategies matter a lot. Heroes can be obtained in regards to your civilization or kingdom choice. So to help you out, here is the list of the kingdoms or civilizations where you can choose from as you progress in the game and as you aim for the victory.


Rome is considered as one of the spectacular kingdoms or civilization in Rise of Kingdoms. Scipio Africanus is the starting commander of the kingdom. Rome is also known for its value in speed. The unique unit is an infantry special called legion. With good strategies and the crucial roles of troops in mind, you can use your increased infantry defense in the game to have a competitive advantage amongst your competitors. In addition, the commander of this kingdom and its troops offer an imposing aura. You will be able to have a fast attack initiation and your troops will be more efficient if you have an increased troop march.


Next in our list is Germany. This kingdom’s starting commander is Hermann. He is known and considered as a great warrior who can strongly protect your kingdom from any opponent. Germany is also known for its unique cavalry unit Teutonic Knight. You can also have a faster troop training speed together with point recovery of quick action. This is also the main factor why Germany has a lot of players who are beginners in the game. Lastly, Germany may be described and considered as one of the strongest civilization in the game.


Another great civilization in the Rise of Kingdom is Britain. Boudica is the kingdom’s starting commander. Britain stats may not be as solid as other kingdoms but this kingdom plays a vital role in providing support to its allies. While Britain may be considered as one of the weakest civilizations in the game, some players may still consider this for role support. It only has 5% increase of archer attack, ally garrison capacity that increases in 10% and wood gathering speed increases 5%. If you are looking for a kingdom with impressive stats, Britain may not be a good option for you.



Spain is the kingdom that focuses more on cavalry unites. Pelagius is its starting commander and the unique Conquistador is certainly a worthwhile cavalry unit. All of these benefits and advantages of Spain are pretty handy and so it might be a great deal when choosing the right kingdom for you. Gold is also another perk of choosing Spain as your kingdom. It has an added speed increase in collecting gold and this will provide you an advantage especially if your strategy mainly depends on gold.  It has 10% increase speed in gold gathering.


Sun Tzu as its starting commander, China is another favorite of gamers when choosing the right civilization for you. It has a unique archer type named Chu-Ko-Nu. China is known for its strong defense in the game.



Kusunoki Masashige is the starting commander of Japan. It has a unique unite of infantry troop called Samurai. Some of the benefits of Japan  is its troop attack bonus and added training capacity.


Last but not the least is Korea. Players tend to equate Korea with Britain. It’s starting commander is Eulji Mundeok who is competent. One of the advantages of this game is its increased hospital capacity.

For more details, read more guides here.

Navigating Beijing’s Capital International Airport

As most everyone knows, the city of Beijing, China, will be hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics. Travelers from around the world will converge on the city, many arriving at Beijing’s Capital Airport. Many travelers however, are unaware of what to expect when arriving in and departing from China, and the language barrier presents additional problems. How to avoid the stress of uncertainty? Passports and Visa’s for sure, but then what?

Traveling to China need not be difficult. Preparation is the key to a pleasant and stress free journey. Still, finding information on how to navigate Beijing’s Capital Airport brings disappointing results in internet search bars, hence the reason for this article, which is intended to take the stress out of at least one aspect of a cross-continental journey to the Far East.

Now I know how difficult it is while travelling in foreign countries where not only the language but the script is completely alien to any person and Chinese too understand the problem as some of them ask where is Seattle airport whenever they travel to the city or any other state for that matter.

While on the airplane, travelers will be given a Chinese Customs Form to fill out, in addition to a Quarantine Health Information card and a Entry Form. Forms are offered in Chinese or English. Make sure to keep passports accessible while traveling, as passport numbers will be asked for. Upon arrival at the airport, a traveler first hands over the Quarantine Health Information form and then enters a line to go through Immigration. Passports and Entry forms are checked here. Passengers proceed downstairs to collect luggage from the baggage claims area. If you have goods to declare, head for checkpoints displaying a large, red square. If you have nothing to declare, head for the checkpoints sporting the large, green circle. Either way, this is where the Customs Forms are handed over. Immediately following Customs checkpoints, follow directions to the Waiting Area.

Then, enjoy your visit to Beijing!

Leaving China, passengers must first go through a Customs checkpoint. Passengers are not allowed through the checkpoint without first filling out a Customs form, which are available in Chinese and English at a number of points within the general lobby area. Again, passengers will either present luggage to be checked at the points designated with a large, red square, or if not carrying any items to declare, proceed through the checkpoint sporting the large, green circle. Only then will a passenger then check in at the appropriate airline check-in counter. If uncertain where to find your airline, ask someone. Most of the airport employees speak at least some English.

After checking your bags, fill out a Departure Card, which can be found in the area preceding the airline gates. After filling out the card, head for one of the lines and be prepared to once again show your passport, boarding pass and Departure card. After passing through that checkpoint, you may locate your departure gate. Once on the airplane, you will be given another Customs Declaration Form to fill out. Be honest! Fines for not claiming foods or other items marked on your form may cost hundreds of dollars! Better safe than sorry – don’t attempt to bring back any foodstuffs.

If you are re-entering the United States, you will have to go through Immigration and Customs again. Citizens and Visitors are directed to two separate lines. Again, your passport will be asked for. Next, head for Baggage Claim, pick up your luggage, and then again prepare to show your Customs Declaration at the Customs checkpoint. After that, you’re free to go, really.

Knowing what to expect can ease the stress of traveling to a foreign country where your native language may not be spoken. Allow plenty of time for plane transfers and delays. Most importantly, use common sense when packing. Don’t take things that aren’t essential on your trip. The less you have, the easier it will be to move around. Taxis are small, as are storage spaces in most city busses. Many hotels use stairways, and rooms can be quite small compared to American hotels.

The best way to avoid difficulties when traveling to China is to research your itinerary as much as possible before you leave the comfort of your own home. Oh, and most importantly, don’t forget to pack extra travel size tissue packs – many of the public restrooms in Beijing aren’t stocked with rolls of toilet tissue! Beijing is a wonderful and exciting city, but it pays to plan ahead.

Bitcoin Mining – Understand The Steps To Get Started!

Have you ever heard about bitcoin? If yes, then you may also know about the other term bitcoin mining. Well, bitcoin mining refers to the process of creating bitcoins by using the computer. Understand about the mining process and everything related to bitcoins. As you know, bitcoin is an alternative to the traditional currencies and the banking system. People having bitcoins can easily transfer it to one account from others without the restrictions of central authority.

All the transactions related to bitcoins are mainly recorded in the blockchain. When the current bitcoin transactions are added to the record of the past transactions, then it is known as bitcoin mining. In other words, you can say it the verification of bitcoin transactions.

Know more about bitcoin mining

Usually, bitcoin mining is done with the use of specialized computers. If you are a miner, then your responsibility is to make the network secure and process all the bitcoin transactions. To mind bitcoins, miners need to solve computational problems. It is also crucial to know the different aspects as well as functions related to bitcoin mining. Some of these aspects are – issuance of new bitcoins, security, and the confirming transactions. The main purpose of bitcoin mining is to issue new bitcoins, and you should always keep this thing in mind.

Many other ways are out there that can help in mining bitcoins. If you are interested in bitcoin mining, then you should start by getting the best bitcoin wallet. After this, you should make use of the bitcoin mining hardware. Without ASIC miner, you can’t make the mining process possible. Once you have completed this step, you should choose a mining pool in order to share your hash rare. Miners shouldn’t forget to get one of the best bitcoin mining software.

Considerable tips for miners

Before getting started with the bitcoin mining process, you should know whether it is legal in your country or not. It is one of the essential things to which you should pay attention. You can also consult with the local counselor to get assistance for knowing the tax implications of bitcoin mining and other details. Along with it, make sure that the mining process is beneficial for you. Do some calculations and get a rough idea related to the mining profitability. If you are considering all these things, then you can easily start the process of bitcoin mining to get the best results.

The final verdict

Bitcoin mining is highly competitive, and that’s why you need to be aware of some essential tips. It is important to make a good plan before getting started with this process. Learn how to do it to know about technology and other related details. The Bitcoin revolution is a cloned website that offers many unique features for traders. With the use of this platform, you can make your task easier related to bitcoin trading and also gain some additional benefits.

Dooney Bourke Handbags – Making Women Happier Now and Forever

Do you own a Dooney Bourke handbag or know someone who does? If you own one then you know how it feels when you first get your handbag.

You know the feeling I’m speaking of…the one that tells you that you are special and that you deserve the best out of life. That warm sensation inside of you that makes you smile all over. However, this is not the case with everyone since these designer handbags are really expensive. This is where going through luxurytastic vs designer discreet review can help you in deciding if you should be spending that much money on a designer bag or not. 

When I first thought about carrying designer handbags I thought I was going to have a serious problem dealing with not being able to have them. I’m the pessimist who used to think, “I will never be able to get designer bags.” Does that sound familiar to any of you out there?

My problem with buying designer was two things, the prices and the fact that I didn’t have the money to keep buying as I found more that I liked. So, I decided I was going to stick to my very cute, and very inexpensive handbags and forget about ever having designer again.

Then one day I was out shopping with some friends who were looking at specific handbags and I saw how each one of them reacted to each handbag that they came across. I saw the excitement in their eyes as they ogled over the handbags and talked about wanting one so badly. There was a Dooney Bourke handbag that my friend wanted and she said that if she got it it would take away from her hair money. No joke, she said that buying the bag would not allow her to go to the salon that month. So, what do I shout out,”Go ahead and buy it! You can wash your own hair for a change.”

I couldn’t believe I had just said that because I go to the same salon and I’m just as bad as she is. It was just the fact that she had a choice to make. Either pay someone else to do her hair for that month or buy herself a Dooney Bourke handbag and feel even better about herself and her accomplishments in life.

She got the handbag and walked out of the store looking and feeling like a million bucks. She was so happy that she had her brand new handbag. Something she bought specifically for herself, from her own hard earned money.

That feeling is very popular in women these days who own designer handbags. Most of these bags cost over $250 and go up to $1200 and more. For most women to have a designer handbag of their own only goes as far as a dream will take them. Letting go of that kind of money is not easy for most. Women dream of being able to shop like the celebrities and to be able to own designer clothes and handbags to feel like they are one of the glamorous people.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that owning a designer handbag doesn’t make you a better person. I just know that once I got my first Dooney Bourke handbag, and many more since, I’ve felt as if I am on cloud nine. I wear my handbag like it is a crown on my head. I feel beautiful and glamorous. To be honest, it is a status symbol. I am telling the world that I am worthy of owning an authentic Dooney handbag and that I am special. Have you ever thought or felt that way about anything?

Designer handbags help women feel good about themselves and their lives. They just seem to hold their heads up higher and see the world a bit brighter. Look around and see for yourself. Women are feeling great about having their designer Dooney Bourke handbags and it’s showing. Join the crowd…all are welcome!


Slimming Bathing Suit Styles for Apple Shaped Women

What the heck is an apple-shaped gal, you may be wondering. Women are either pear or apple-shaped. Pear, you may know as hourglass-shaped: smaller waist with larger hips and bottom.

Apple-shaped gals have larger waists and tummies and smaller bottoms. I speak today for the apple-shaped women. Finding a bathing suit that doesn’t make us look like a beach ball can be difficult. Here are bathing suit styles to enhance the curves and reduce the stomach. You can get all these swimwear from one piece swimsuits that give you really affordable prices on all these types of swim wears. Moreover, you get to choose from their wide variety of designs and types making it easy for you to find a swimsuit that is perfect for your body.


Cross-shaped front bathing suits: Some bathing suit styles have a cross front beginning with shoulder straps and that cross under the breasts across the stomach. The cross-shaped bathing suit pulls in across the stomach tightly and falls looser below the waist to the legs.

High cut leg opening bathing suits: higher cut leg holes sit a few inches below the hips. Hi-cut can accentuate the legs and take focus away from the apple-shaped tummy. Boy cut or short style legs, especially the two-piece styles emphasize an apple-shaped stomach.

Skirt style bottom bathing suits: A flared skirt emphasizes the bottom and legs and makes an apple-shaped waist appear smaller.

Cinched waist bathing suits: some bathing suits are reinforced and extra snug around the waist, to pull in the stomach. This creates an hourglass figure. Wearing bathing suits with a reinforced waist is similar to wearing support hose or foundation garments. As bathing suits are made with Lycra, the bathing suit has elastic and is very comfortable.

Gathered side bathing suits: Gathered bathing suits with gathered sides that pull the top-down and the bottom-up can create an hourglass figure for apple-shaped women. Gathered side bathing suits accentuate curves.



Halter style bathing suits: Halter top bathing suits tie or clip around the neck and fall to a v-shaped neckline. Halter style bathing suits take the emphasis away from the apple-shaped stomach and focus it on the neck, shoulders, and chest. Any bathing suit top should have a supportive, elasticized, protective pad to prevent the breasts from sagging uncomfortably.

Whatever bathing suit style you choose, be sure to choose one with a proper fit. When your bathing suit is dry it should fit snug and comfortably. In the water, the bathing suit will loosen. But avoid choosing a bathing suit that is too small. No one knows what size your bathing suit is; choose a suit that doesn’t pinch in any way. Wearing a bathing suit, or any clothing that is too small defeats the purpose of looking more slender. Bathing suits or clothing that is too small, whatever your size, makes you look heavier.

India-Pakistan Semi Final Sends India to Cricket World Cup Final

The India-Pakistan semi final in the Cricket World Cup exceeded expectations. Not only did the semi final attract a record number of viewers, it also had India and Pakistan play without any major incidents. Given the brutal history between these two countries, putting them together in anyway doesn’t always go smoothly. However, the biggest battles were on the cricket field yesterday, with the fight ultimately won by the home team.

The two powers played in front of a big pro-India crowd in Mohali, and in front of both nation’s prime ministers. Ultimately, the Indians came out ahead, as they advanced to the championship match with a 29-run victory.

Although the Pakistanis won their group and beat three-time champion Australia to do it, their rivals were riding home field advantage and were coming off their own upset of the Aussies. By winning, India now gets the home advantage for the finals, as they face fellow co-host Sri Lanka in Mumbai on Saturday.

Much of the world was on the edge of their seat due to this super-charged pairing. According to NDTV, 67.53 million people watched the match on TV, which is a new record for cricket. But this may set the bar too high for the finals, which do not have two rival nations facing each other.

This semi final match may not pave the way for peace between India and Pakistan – since not much has done that in the past. But it could prove to be a major sign of some kind, since their cricket teams haven’t faced off as often since the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Since Pakistani groups were blamed for the bombing, bilateral sporting matches between these two nations had been suspended. But following yesterday’s reunion, there are talks of a new series of games between the cricket teams.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani were able to meet in Mohali for this special occasion the Indian premiere league has sponsor ipl 2020 schedule pdf which has given them some information over the new players and their records that they have made in the matches which have been taken for test and given them chance to participate in ranjis trophy. According to India Today, they are soon likely to announce that bilateral cricket series between their countries will resume. After Pakistan’s defeat, they are likely more eager to get another shot at their arch-rivals.

But first, those arch-rivals have a World Cup to win, now that the India vs Pakistan hype is finally dying down. Sri Lanka has to hope the semi final took too much out of their opponents – although the crowd in Mumbai will be eager to help them focus again on Saturday.

Rid Yourself of Crow’s Feet – Sign of aging for the person

Reducing Crows Feet

Crow’s Feet are usually the first sign of age on a persons face. While it is true that some of us become afflicted with the unsightly lines in our 20’s most of us will notice them by time we hit our late 30’s.

Due to my own personal experience, I believe crow’s feet can be attributed to weak supporting muscles and loss of skin firmness. Have you been injured after a botched cosmetic surgery? If yes, then the treatment from the facelift will be beneficial for the person. It will act on the face muscles without providing pain. 

I have tried many approaches to remove them without having surgery or by painful injections. By actively seeking solutions I found that a multi-step approach has worked best for me and may offer you stunning results as well.

In this article I tell you how I have been able to lose the eye wrinkles widely known as crow’s feet and how you may be able to lose them, too.

Disclaimer. Please note that before you begin or take any advice it is always best to ask a doctor about any new creams or regimes you try so that you do not harm your eyes.


Every morning and every night before bed look into a mirror and take your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger on both hands and place your hands to the corresponding side of the your face. Your three fingers should be resting near the outside of the eye where you have crow’s feet lines. Do not apply pressure or push down hard. Now, with your fingers in place, blink your eyes and hold for 10 seconds and then open your eyes wide. Offer a little resistance with your fingers. You will be able to feel the muscles moving under your fingers. Do this about 20 times and then relax for a few seconds and repeat. Do these exercises for 2-5 minutes. Lastly, place your fingers back into position and very lightly tap them. Do this for about a minute. If you experience any pain or get tired stop immediately.

These exercises should be done consistently day and night for best results.

Skin Care:

At least every other day you will want to use a good microdermabrasion product. You can find microdermabrasion creams in most pharmacies and large stores. Very lightly massage micro cream mixture. Be careful NOT to Pull or Drag Skin, you will make wrinkles worse if you pull or drag the skin. You should do your whole face as well including your forehead and chest. If skin gets red or irritated stop immediately. Do not let any of the microdermabrasion product get into eyes.

After you do a microdermabrasion on your skin use an eye cream product containing peptides or retinols. These renew the skin. These can be found in eye creams formulations at your local pharmacy or store. If the cream makes you irritated or red stop using it, as you may be sensitive to retinol.

Eye Patch:

At night use an eye patch such as Frownies for crow’s feet. You wet them in water and place them on top of your crow’s feet and sleep with them on. The Frownies website can be found online at and I believe they work wonders. If you cannot afford Frownies the store bought scar pads doubled up offer some good results.

A How-To Guide for Some Annoying Household Problems

There are problems that occur on a regular basis in every household. The frequency of some of these problems can be reduced with regular preventive steps while others have to be addressed as they present themselves. The goal here is to make life a little easier by spending less time on these problems.


If you are living in a humid area then the growth of molds in your house is a really common problem that you face. Since there is nothing you can do about the weather you can hire services like mold inspection NJ, which will remove any mold that is growing in your house really efficiently. 

Refrigerator odors:

Keep an open container of baking soda on a shelf in the refrigerator to absorb unwanted odors.

Refrigerator or freezer not getting cold enough:

Check the coils located either behind or underneath the unit. If there is a lot of dust on the coils, it will affect the efficiency. Unplug the unit and gently brush the coils. Use a vacuum to thoroughly clean them.

Clogged Drains:

To help prevent this problem, pour some baking soda and white vinegar into each of your sink, shower, and tub drains once a month. Let it sit for about a half-hour. Flush by running hot water down the drain. Use the baking soda from the container in your refrigerator first so that you put fresh baking soda into that container. Note: If you have a septic system, seek expert advice before using this method as it may affect the necessary bacteria in the system.

Foggy mirrors:

To prevent mirrors from fogging up, rub a small amount of a paste car wax on the mirror and then buff it off with a soft cloth.

Mildew on tub and shower tiles:

Use white vinegar on a rag to wipe between the tiles. Not only will it remove the mildew but it will retard the forming of future growth.

Ant invasion:

Put dry bay leaves on the inside of window sills where ants are most likely to cross. They hate the bay leaves for some reason and avoid them like the plague. Also, spray a band of insect spray around the entire outside foundation of the house when the weather starts to warm up and the ants become active. Make sure to spray all bottom saddles of entrance doorways and a section of any drainpipes that they might climb.

Squeaky hinges:

Spray WD-40 on hinges. Do this every couple of months to prevent them from becoming squeaky.

Loose screws in door hinges:

If the screw holes have become too loose over time, remove the screws and place toothpicks, dipped in wood glue, into the holes. Jam in as many of the toothpicks as you can and break off flush with the surface. Wait about an hour and then thread the screws back into the holes.

Smoke detectors beeping in the middle of the night from weak batteries:

Change the batteries every six months when the clocks are moved ahead or moved back. Lives are more important than the extra cost of using more batteries. Never allow these batteries to get to the point of being weak.

Removing stuck-on chewing gum:

Rub an ice cube on the gum to harden it and then try pulling it off the surface.

Squeaky wood floors:

Squirt some talcum powder onto the floor near the area of the squeak. Slowly brush the powder into the cracks between the wood slats.

Melted candle wax on material:

If the particle is small enough, place it in the freezer to harden the wax. Flick off the hardened wax. Place a piece of brown paper over the stained area and use a medium heat setting on iron to go over it. This will remove most of the oil base. Put a small amount of detergent on the area and wash it as usual.

Grease or oil on material:

Immediately sprinkle some corn starch over the stain to absorb as much of it as possible. When dry, brush the corn starch off and put detergent on the area. Wash as usual.

Tilted picture frames:

Place a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the frame, centered on the bottom, and press against the wall.

These are only a few of the household problems that we encounter in our daily lives but any solution that can lessen the work involved is helpful.

Window Cleaning For The Perfect Shine!

I have often marveled at how quickly and smoothly professional window washers move. They use their squeegee like a finely tuned instrument to make the windows they are cleaning turn out absolutely and flawlessly perfect. After I bought my first home, being a bit of a perfectionist myself, I did a bit of research and observation into some really great tricks that these professional window washers use. It really is quite a bit more simple to learn than it looks if you can believe that. Once I tried it for myself, I actually got a little bit of a thrill out of cleaning my own windows to a perfect sparkling clean shine and am a bit embarrassed to say that it has become a part of my cleaning ritual, if not a bit of an addiction of sorts.

The thing that I figured out is that investing in a really high quality squeegee makes all of the difference. Scrimping on quality in exchange for saving a few dollars is simply not worth it. Not by a long shot! The difference in the results can be huge! Invest in a professional quality squeegee. They have a blades made out of rubber which are very soft and have absolutely no imperfections in them. They are made from the highest quality rubber and materials and are not easily damaged, unlike the cheap ones which are made from a more rough and cheaper rubber and plastic material. They usually include replaceable blades that you can change just like on a windshield wiper as each one wears out. There are many sources to find professional quality squeegees by doing a search in your local yellow pages or on the internet. Do not settle for the dollar store brand.

I found out by trial and error that it is best to do the windows on a day that is on the cool and cloudy side, as heat and sun can make your windows streak. Very early morning is a good time to do your windows, as it is generally cooler in the mornings. Heat and humidity can sabotage your efforts as I have found out from my own experience.

While some may take it as a tedious job, it does help your house more attractive and cleaning windows after dusk is quite difficult as all the dust and dirt from the day gets accumulated and the temperature is quite hot so it becomes a headache to do so. You are left with no choice than to call window cleaning leeds to finish the task that you started.

What to wash it with? I use a bucket of chemical free water that I filter myself in my own water filter system and heat it up until it is of lukewarm temperature. Next I add about 2 tablespoons of ammonia. I use a soft, smooth sponge that has a scrubber on the other side of it. Note that you should never use a sponge that is course! Next, I wet the window with the sponge side and then use the other side with the scrubber on it in order to scrub the window. You can tell by the way it feels when it is completely clean. You can easily feel the bumps when it still needs more scrubbing. This is a very important step, yet very simple. If you scrub until every singel bump of dirt is gone then you will have done an excellent job. If not then you are going to have a window that does not come out perfect.

You will need to have several very clean cotton rags available. I always dry the freshly scrubbed window by hand. The trick that the professionals use for a perfect streak free window is that when you use the squeegee it must be placed to begin with on a completely dry spot on the window, so dry with the rags a straight area across the top about an inch or two from below the top, up to the top.

Take the squeegee and start at the very top of the window in that dry area. Now pull the squeegee down gently and every so smoothly, drying your blade each time you get to the bottom of the window. Repeat this until you have done the entire window, drying the squeegee each and every time, no fail.

To finish it off, take a fresh, dry and very clean cloth and wipe down each window side and across the bottom to clean and dry the edges as needed. Your windows will look perfect and beautiful!