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How To Assign Colors To Webpages Using Html Coding

Making your own web page using html is easy to do. You can always use templates but that would give you just a cookie-cutter looking site. Seeing the same type of site over and over again can become very boring. So take the time to learn some of the basics of html coding. Once you know these basics you can design your own unique site. For this part we will look at assigning colors to different parts of your website using html coding.

To work with these codes you will need a text editor. I recommend that you use Notepad. You will then type in your html codes the way that they go.

The examples and codes done in this html lesson have spaces put into them so that the code will show up. When doing this for your web page remember to make sure there are no spaces in the html command you are working with. The codes should read like one long word.

Keep in mind that the codes have to be different from one another so that they can be easily deciphered through the naked eye and the text editor has to be of top notch quality and not any typical web design Sydney format.

Let us first look at background colors. Websites come in a variety of different background colors. If you are really new to html coding then you probably wondered how did they do that. It is really quite simple for you to do. First you must decide what color you want your background to be. I will show you the color codes for some of the basic primary colors.

  • White: #FFFFFF
  • Black: #000000
  • Blue: #0000FF
  • Green: #00FF00
  • Yellow: #FFFF00
  • Red: #FF0000
  • Purple: #A020F0

For our example we are going to make a html code making the background color yellow. The code will now look like this:

 lt; BODY BGCOLOR=”#FFFF00″ gt;

Now your text must have a color assigned to it also. For this example we are going to use a text color of black. The code will now look like this.

 lt; BODY TEXT=”#000000″ gt;

All websites have links in them. Right now we are going to look at how to assign a color to a link. This link is an unvisited or inactivated link. Meaning that it has not been clicked on yet. For this link we will use the color blue. The code will now look like this.

 lt; BODY LINK=”#0000FF” gt;

Now we can look at assigning a color to visited or activated links. This is the color the link will show after it has been clicked on. For this example we are going to make the visited link green. The code will now look like this:

 lt; BODY VLINK=”#00FF00″ gt;

In this I just gave a look at some of the basic colors and how to assign them. You can assign any color to these areas. Just use the proper color code and bingo you now have it looking the way that you want it to. Also you need to place all these codes between the html tag and the header tag at the top part of the html coding on the page.

Manifestation Magic- Understanding The Basics

What is the one thing that keeps you going on without fail? What are you in need of to tackle the problems in your life? Where do you stand as a person in facing the challenges put out by fate?

There is not an individual in existence that has had it easy in this world and not had any problems to deal with in his life as life is synonymous with problems and worries that seem to have no end.

The one who comfortably faces all the obstacles with patience and keeps treading on the slippery path towards success is deemed as the conqueror of fate and there have been many in this category right from the ancient to modern times that you can name of that have established their credentials.

Magic of Brainwaves

One big reason that people succumb to life’s pressure at a quicker pace is mainly due to lack of confidence as they are not sure on how to deal with them and overcome setbacks as they are too engaged in their own self pity.

Luckily for such people there is an excellent solution called manifestation magic that can be called as their savior in true sense because it has changed the lives of many people for the better who were fed up with life’s problems and were keen to give up.

Manifestation magic was founded by a reputed writer called Alexander Wilson who wanted to develop a technique that would help people to deal with various problems in life with confidence.

He has claimed in many of his writings that you need to have the determination inside you to succeed alongwith a great deal of patience and perseverance and manifestation magic is a simple guiding force to help you out in this regard.

A simple magic of brainwaves is what you need to have where you need to preplan everything on how and where you are going forward in life and in what capacity. Right from the beginning you need to work out a plan on the various tasks needed to be performed to get that secret formula to success.

Positive Thinking

Manifestation magic has many interesting points like how to begin your day and who all you need to be friends with who can stand shoulder to shoulder with you in times of need and work together in solving problems.

The best way to do it is to have a positive outlook towards life which you do so by thinking positive and drive the negative thoughts away, which you do so by not allowing negative people into your lives and keeping a safe distance from them.

Manifestation magic is best understood by understanding the law of attraction where you need to be your own moral support that needs encouragement from time to time to keep going with your struggles and this law instills great energy into your being where nothing would seem impossible.

For more information, you can have a look at this article by clicking on the link and go through the entire topic where the author has given his own inputs on what manifestation magic means to him.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes: My Path to Recovery

In order to quit smoking you must first ask yourself the following: Do you really wanna quit, and why do you want to quit?

Once you have answered these 2 questions, you can begin on the road to recovery!

When I stopped smoking cigarettes about 2 years ago it was a mind over matter thing for me.I had to be mentally focused in order for me to quit smoking cigarettes.I had to realize why i wanted to quit and I came up with lot’s of answers.

Below are the following reasons why I wanted to quit?

1.I was tired of being so tired in the morning when I woke up to go to work.

2.I was tired of my wife always asking me to quit because she didn’t want to kiss me.

3.I was tired of having chest pains in my chest that would periodically appear and disappear.

4.I was tired of going to buy cigarettes in the middle of the night to feed my nicotine cravings.

5.I was tired of having the cigarette smell on my clothes that really never go away unless you quit for good.

6.I was tired of making my wife and daughter sick because they had to smell the toxic pollution from the cigarette smell on my clothes.

7.I was tired of giving away more cigarettes than i was actually smoking myself.

8.I was tired of hearing those surgeons general commercials stating what the cause off nicotine has on the brain and the body and that I was at risk of catching cancer.

9.I was tired of hurting God because I was an active church member in my community.

10.I was tired of being sick and tired and weak minded to a drug that was controlling my way of life and the company I chose to be around.

These are the 10 reasons that constantly entered my mind and these are the reasons that made me ultimately wanna quit for good.

I want to stop totally. Even if there’s an e liquid sale or vape kits available for sale, I did not consider any of these. I want to fully commit and start a fresh beginning. The good thing is, I have a supportive family and friends.

If anyone who wants to quit smoking you must ask yourself many questions then you will be able to build up enough courage to stop for good.This is what worked for me and I stopped cold turkey by not slowing down how much i smoked but,by just making a mental choice that helped my mental control over my physical.The first week is the hardest task just fighting those stomach withdrawal symtoms.If you can survive the first week you are well on your way to quit smoking for good.You will be eating more food perhaps but just eat healthy low carb foods and you will not put on so much weight.Also,make sure you exercise at least 2 to 3 times a weak to recover from all those toxins in your body.You will sleep better and have more energy and your health will gradually increase.

Final note: It takes about 10 years after you quit smoking for your lungs to be completely clear of all the plaque and tarter build up from smoking cigarettes.There’s no better time than to start today.Good luck!

4 Choices If Caring for Elderly Parents

Do you need help with elderly parents and their care? The same people — who were strong and hardworking during your youth — are now becoming frail and sickly. Aging parents present a challenge to us, who are young(er) with families and jobs of our own. Then again, caring for elderly parents is a birthright; the last generation has paid its dues and it is time for us to pick up the tab from here. If you notice that mom or dad may need some help to fully enjoy their golden years, there are four choices you most likely need to consider at some point.

  1. Living with elderly parents. If you have a good relationship with your parents, it can be a great joy to have them come live with you. On the flip-side, they might enjoy having you move into their home. This living arrangement does not work out well if the relationship is strained or the space is small; if you or your parents tend to meddle, it is nearly unworkable.
  1. Contract with home health services to begin caring for elderly parents at home. There is no need for mom or dad to move. These companies send trained nursing aides and home health nurses to provide physical and occupational therapy, assist with medications, and provide help with personal care. If you add a part-time housekeeper who also shops and cooks to the mix, the aging parents are well taken care of. This arrangement is preferable for families who like to keep some space between one another. Of course, this solution is only feasible if the parents’ health plan covers home care services — or if you have the funds to pay for them.
  1. Assisted living communities maintain the independence of aging parents. If home health care is not possible and mom and dad realize that their home may no longer be suitable for their needs, assisted living is a good option. Plenty of venues let residents bring their own furniture and a few may even allow pets. Shopping around is a must. Keep in mind that even though there is some nursing care on-site, this type of living arrangement generally caters to overall healthy individuals with minimal ongoing nursing requirements. Until your — or your parents’ — money runs out, seniors are welcome to live there.
  1. Nursing homes offer plenty of hands-on nursing care such as bath aids for elderly. Nursing facilities have gotten a lot of bad press. Ira Rosofsky, Ph.D.’s candid look at the “Adventures in Old Age” shows them to be frequently understaffed and operating on a minimum-requirement standard. Even so, when caring for elderly parents in the home — theirs or yours — is simply not possible, and if the money for assisted living has run out, the nursing home may be the option of last resort. Medicaid will pick up the tab, as soon as the parent in need of nursing home care has no assets left.

Conspicuously absent from this list is the well-documented need for heart-to-heart conversations with mom and dad. This is due, in part, to the fact that I am addressing you — the grown-up child who must live with the decision you will make. Although lofty sentiments are great in theory, only you know what you can and cannot handle. It stands to reason that knowing your options — before discussing them with your elderly parents — makes a lot of sense.

Favorite Movie of All Time: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

I used to keep a small piece of paper in my wallet that had a list of my “Top 10″ movies of all time. I would produce this list whenever someone would ask me what my favorites were. On occasion, I would have to seriously consider swapping out one for another, but like I said this was only on occasion. So very few movies have really made an impact in my life over the past 20 years or so, so that this list became rather dated. I ended up putting the list away, as I found that it seemed useless to even try and keep track any more of the” best of the best”. The movies that were being churned out by Hollywood lacked that special something that movies used to have. After watching a movie, I would often think to myself, “Now, why wasn’t that just a thirty minute television program? I have just wasted ninety minutes of my life that I will never get back”. In 2001, that all changed.

When Peter Jackson directed the first in a series of three movies based on the J.R.R. Tolkein books of The Hobbit, I knew that I needed to update that little scrap of paper that I had put away years ago. All three of the movies, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King, were amazing in every aspect. The location, the cast, the cinematography, the story; everything. Although it is a very difficult decision to say which of these movies is the better one, I have settled on the last, The Return of the King. This movie is currently my favorite of all time.

Overall, I found it so refreshing that this movie was not done in typical Hollywood style. I love the fact that every detail was considered, and ends were tied. This is something that draws the viewer in and holds on to them until the end, when they say “wow – that was intense”, and then leaves them wondering how it could possibly get any better than this. With these three movies, it actually does seem to get a little better with each section of the story. Perhaps I should not say “better”, but more real. I felt as if I could completely relate to what was happening in the story. We all face good and bad, and we all must overcome the evil that is around us at all times. We know that good always overcomes evil, that light always vanquishes darkness. But with this story, you are not quite sure that is going to be the case. The evil is so strong, you wonder how it will ever be overcome.

The filming location was truly out of this world. Being filmed in New Zealand was one of the points that really made the movie for me. Could this have all been done on a set, probably. Would it have had the same impact, absolutely not. The cast in The Return of the King were so believable, so real, that it was hard to believe that they would actually take off their costumes and make-up at the end of a shooting and go out to a restuarant in town for dinner. You would truly believe that they would congregate around a tent or a make-shift shelter and roast something over an open fire while downing a mug of grog for dinner.

The three scenes in Return of the King that stand out the most for me: 1) The epic battle scene to gain control over Minas Tirith is one of the most intense and engrossing scenes in any movie. 2) A most moving and heroic speech is given by Aragorn while his army is at the Black Gate, while awaiting certain death. 3) When it looks as if all hope is lost for Frodo and Samwise while they are on the edge of Mount Doom, Samwise musters up all of the strength in his heart and tells Frodo that while he cannot carry the ring, he can carry him! And he does just that!

I now have a new list that I carry in my wallet. On it are written three movie titles. You now know which movie is at the top, and you probably also know what the other two titles are. The reviews of the different author drama can be checked at the site. The phil dragash’s lotr reading is the most immersive for the interested audience to watch or read the book. 

Gay Men’s Guide To Winter Fashion: Coats

Now that Fall and Winter is upon us, it’s now time to swap out this past summer’s khaki shorts, flip flops and tank tops for sweaters, cargo pants, wool socks and winter boots. For most of the country, the weather has been mild, which is a planned recipe for a brutal winter. This being said, coats will be one of the top sellers during this upcoming Fall and Winter seasons.

In the past, men have often trudged through the cold seasons of the year, parleying only one winter coat for business, casual and night club attire. Conversely, despite this recent economic trundle, gay men have surpassed the financial status quo by keeping intact the flair for coordinating and accessorizing on a budget. By adding these next three trends in outer wear, gay men all over the world will be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to throw in the upcoming months.

Check Mate

In recent years, plaid has been synonymous with back woods shenanigans and the movie Deliverance. If you are like me, they more hearken back to early days of high school prep year, where argyle patterns and brightly flanneled sports jackets were the norm.

This is no longer the case.

This red and green checkered pattern has taken a step into the darker side, bringing grays and shades of black back into the spectrum. This Fall, to bring out the check in your life, plan to purchase Christopher Bailey’s gray double breasted chesterfield coat. It’s the definition of this season’s nuvou rendition of the classic check from Burberry. Since black (and shades of gray) has an uncanny way of going with just about anything, this stylish piece of outerwear will blend into most gay men’s already stylish wardrobe faster than RuPaul can snap her fingers.

A New Twist on an Old Trend

A classic look has always been the standard Navy Pea coat. Its standard deep Navy blue finish along with its versatility and warmth has long been a stoic companion to both casual and business attired. Taking a page from the past, Andrew Marc has developed its own version of the trend stratifying staple. His doubled breasted coat, longer than the original, transforms in to a 2009 fashion icon. Keeping the traditional large and wide buttons, Marc has added a zipper for easy access (use your imagination). While morphing into a slimmer cut, this piece of outerwear will show that it has well deserved its place as a gay man’s top pick in fall 2009.

In relation to putting a new twist on old trend, you can also consider buying a mens minimalist travel wallet. This type of wallet is far different from your traditional wallet. It comes very stylish, fashionable with modern design.

Bubbles Are Not Just For Kids

Despite the overwhelming trends that are being recycled and making an encore appearing, this cold season still has a few new tricks up its sleeve. Taking a page from the script of the recent futuristic film G.I. Joe or the soon to be release Surrogate, out-of-this-world designs are pushing their way to the front of the pack. If heavenly bodied attire is more your style, you may want to cover yourself with D G;’s outerwear creation. This sleek silver coat, splashed with bold blue strips will not only keep you warm, but have you standing out in a crowd.

By adding these combinations of new world appeal and old time flava, you will invigorate personal appeal and versatility to your wardrobe, creating new styles and never having to go out in public wearing the same outfit twice.

Movie Review: Foolproof with Ryan Reynolds

Although he is a very successful and wonderfully talented movie actor now, starring in such famous films as “Smokin Aces” and “Waiting”, Ryan Reynolds was once, within the past couple of years, one of the lead characters in a movie that didn’t even gross a million dollars! That movie was called “Foolproof” and was released in 2003, grossing just $450,000 in it’s target country of Canada and releasing straight to DVD in the United States. The movie itself was done on a small budget of just 7.8 million dollars. It was written and directed by a man named William Phillips and made by a small Canadian studio that was taking it’s first shot at creating a movie with an intriguing plot and intricate heist.

What was so wrong with this movie to have it release straight to DVD? I honestly couldn’t tell you. The plot itself rivals that of the “Ocean” movies with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and George Clooney. It takes places in the great city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and revolves around the tale of three friends (Reynolds, Kristin Booth and Joris Jarsky) who plan very detailed and very extensive robberies and then practice executing them in an abandoned warehouse. These three plan their heists down to the last second and even take risky steps to gather pertinent information from the sites themselves, going as far as to take pictures of the security alarm inside the building so that they can research how to hack it and conducting brief run throughs in the actual area itself to find out how long it takes to run up the stairs in addition to the amount of time the guard takes in the bathroom. Although they plan and practice their techniques to perfection, they never actually act on them and never carry their plans out to their full potential. To them, it’s just a game and that is all.

The plot is quite intriguing from the beginning and has many twists and turns and one that can be viewed on tvmuse alternatives easily as Rynolds appears in a different role and he is easily among the greatest actors of his generation.

It stops being a game when a man comes along and steals their written instructions that describe the intricate steps to rob a popular diamond store in the area from the gym bag of one of the three friends. He not only steals the plans from them, but carries out the crime himself. Although he is the one to commit the crime, he takes the opportunity to blackmail the three friends, stating that they can either undertake a large act of wrongdoing for him or they can be reported to authorities and go to jail. They obviously choose to aid the man in his plans.

I won’t go into any more detail on what exactly happens, as it’s so suspenseful and ingenious that it’s something you want to experience on your own, with an open mind. Just know for now that you won’t be disappointed and you most definitely will be on the edge of your seat. Ryan Reynolds is great throughout this movie, even if not at the top level that he is today, and both Booth and Jarsky compliment his acting extremely well. The three of them together make this action movie a true action movie. You can purchase the DVD through for under $4.00. I’m here to tell you that it’s the best $4.00 you will ever spend!

Fishdom FAQ Guide for Beginners

This is a Fishdom FAQ guide for beginners. In this guide, I will explain how to turn your sound off, rename your tank, toggle to full screen, and more. You can load Fishdom to follow along with me. If you are just starting out with Fishdom, this FAQ guide should help you with some of the simpler things.

How Do I Toggle to Full Screen?

At this time in the game, there is no way to toggle to full screen. If you are one of those users who likes to do everything in full screen, this is not an option right now. Maybe in time though.

How Do I Rename My Tank?

To rename your tank, you can click the paper and pencil icon beside the name banner at the top of your game. When the box opens, type a name for your first tank and click the Yes button. Your tank will then be renamed to what you chose.

How Do I Turn Off Sound and Music?

You can turn the music and the sound off in Fishdom. To do this, you will need to click the Wrench icon in the top, left corner of your game. Then you will see the other icons appear below that. Click the Music icon to turn the music off and the Sound icon to turn the sound off. To turn them on again, click each one of them again.

Fishdom is not everyone’s cup of tea and is difficult to digest for everyone so they won’t be able to relate to it despite music being top notch but still it can be downloaded on ispoofer and listened at leisure.

How Many Fish Can I Have in My Tank?

In the top right, corner of your game, you will see how many fish you can have. Levels 1 and 2 only allow you to have 3 fish. Once you reach level 3, your tank will expand to allow you more fish.

How Do I Clean My Tank?

You can clean your tank by using the sponge at the bottom of your game. Click the sponge and place your mouse in the tank. Then you can hold your mouse button down and run the sponge over the tank to clean it. Once it is clean, you will be rewarded.

What are These Items Laying Around My Tank?

You may notice tiny items laying around on your tank floor. Some of these items when clicked will give you coins. Others are gems that you can collect and post to your wall for your friends to get.

Why is There a Number On My Food Bottle When I Feed My Fish?

When you feed your fish, you will see this number. This number lets you know how many feedings you have left. Once you run out of food, you will need to buy more from the store. When you first install Fishdom, you will be given 50 feedings. After then, you will have topurchase them your own.



Coffee Supplier- Considering a Consideration for Coffee Aficionados

Everyone has their own preferences about different things whether it is food, drinks, movies, politicians, color and so on. There is no dearth for the desires of human beings as they come out in an unlimited flow.

Desire is an inane quality that is engraved in the human psyche right from the time of birth and magnifies with the passage of time where people are willing to even kill fellow humans to obtain the object of their desire.

Regarding preferences, they are generally harmless if you look at normal ones like some people preferring coffee over tea and vice versa and these are the type of discussions that make articles like this worth reading.

Coffee Business

Is it possible to start your own business in current times? Well, it is not at all easy as there are many things that need to be kept in mind before venturing into this field and the planning has to be made a couple of years in advance.

Coffee and tea are the two most preferred beverages in the world and not a day goes by without consuming them which is a testimony to the fact that there hasn’t been anything to come near it for a long time.

Both have their own loyal fans that firmly stand by them in heated arguments regarding which of them is better than the other. It is no denying that both have their benefits and limitations in terms of health factors.

If you are considering do coffee business then your chances are quite limited as there are different brands of coffee and tea that are popular all over the world so to think of starting coffee business in such times would be considered suicidal.

Therefore it is better to abandon this idea and think of some new venture is what the experts would say but there is no harm in trying out as there will be little to lose because no one is stupid enough to invest billions for something as popular as coffee, which is in its thriving phase as far as business is concerned.

Brand Value

Let us assume that there are many people brave enough to start up coffee business, they will need to have the necessary raw materials and labor to set up a base in a location where there is little room for competition.

A good businessman is always looking out for a piece of land that is vast in area and has a lot of scope to become a huge success within due course. Another thing that needs to be looked into is the brand value of the product.

If you want to set up a good brand value for your coffee, then you need to make sure that the beans you select for the beverage have to be grown at secluded locations like hill stations where the climate is neither too hot nor too cold.

Coffee bean suppliers are careful to select beans of the highest value that will make the beverage tasty.

Business points:

  1. Quality is the most important aspect for coffee lovers which is why they always prefer brands that are quite popular in their country
  2. Always choose the suppliers that are willing to invest million into this venture and it prospers within a short time, which will lead to increase in demand
  3. In order to have a business that is long lasting, you need to have competent staff that have excellent skills in handling customers and for whom customer service is of top priority
  4. Choose a coffee supplier that can value the quality of your coffee and accordingly choose a relevant price for the variety that you can give

Non-Dischargeable Debt, the Whole Truth

It is a legend that certain debts for example unpaid taxes and student loans can in no way be discharged in case of a bankruptcy. In fact, they can be. It’s significant that any buyer who plans to file for default stay informed regarding which debts he is able and not able to include in order avoiding unnecessary filing for default.

Non-dischargeable Debts

Certain kinds of debt are deemed non-dischargeable regardless of which bankruptcy chapter a nonpayer files under. Such debts are normally liabilities that are owed to the state administration or liabilities that were levied as crime penalization.

  • Kids support
  • Student Borrowings
  • Alimony
  • Liability incurred by scum
  • Latest unpaid taxes
  • Judgments

Under particular circumstances, though, the Bankruptcy Code does permit for a number of such debts to be relieved.

Domestic Liability In no way Can Be Included in Bankruptcy

Debts such as alimony and kid support are not adequate to be included in a bankruptcy for the reason that other people depend on the payment of such debts for their daily survival. Alimony and kid support are included in such specification.

In case an offspring has reached maturity and is no more entitled to receive kid support, or a previous spouse has married again and is not receiving alimony any more this doesn’t waive a buyer’s legal liability to provide stated parties with any funds owed because of a past domestic judgment.

Tax Debts Not Subject to Liquidation

A tax liability that is over 3 years old is considered latest and no terms are included in the federal Bankruptcy Code for that liability to be relieved. If, though, the liability is more than 3 years old a Chapter seven bankruptcy will discharge and dismiss the tax liability together with other unsecured liabilities.

Property tax liabilities are only non-relievable if the buyer intends to keep their home. In case the household is liquidated, the householder is no longer liable for debts associated to the household ownership – counting back property taxes.

Student Credits Have the Strictest Rules about Bankruptcy Liquidation

In almost all cases a student debt is always considered non-relievable. In particular instances, though, an individual could have the right to have the student loan discharged. Guiding principles for student credit discharges are controlled by the Consumer Protection Act and Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention.

  • School closed before degree award
  • Student credit debt was a result of identity theft or scum
  • Person suffers from physical or mental illness
  • Person can confirm that at no point in the prospect will they be financially stable sufficiently to successfully pay off the student credit debt

Liabilities Incurred By Scum Must Be Proven Deceptive

When almost all persons think of fraudulent liabilities, they think of identity theft and stolen credit cards. At the moment a bankruptcy court judges whether or not a liability is deceptive, however, the primary discussion is when the liability was accrued and under what conditions.

A moneylender to whom funds is owed is able to file a complaint of scum for a variety of causes. A buyer, however, has the privilege to fight such claim and have the liability included using Docker for better automated build functions.

The major indicator of liability incurred by scum is when the debt was accumulated. Debts accumulated within Sixty days before filing bankruptcy could be subject to scum allegations according to the pretense that the buyer made purchases at the same time as planning to apply for bankruptcy. This sort of claim is hard to prove.

One more type of scum is misrepresentation. In case a buyer lies about his or her earnings on a credit application and then tries to incorporate the liability in a bankruptcy, the moneylender can provide a petition that the liability be considered deceptive and non-relievable.

The major part of creditors won’t present a motion for a debt. Petition and liability and fighting a court battle take time and cash that few creditors could spend. A fine attorney can assist a buyer navigate charges of liability scum to have the account balance effectively discharged with bankruptcy.

Only Several Civil Judgments are Non-relievable

A ruling, even one causing wage garnishment, is typically dischargeable with bankruptcy. The only judgments that aren’t relievable are those that were charged on account of a lawsuit over illegitimate injury or death that occurred at the same time as the person was intoxicated. These rulings will remain, but almost all others can be eliminated.