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Consider Bulleted Information for Your Marketing Materials

Nothing can ruin otherwise perfect marketing materials like too much dense copy. Sure, we need to make sure that we explain our products and services and we do need to make sure that we education and inform-but instead of writing it all out in long paragraphs, consider bulleted lists as a way to break up the copy, create more white space and make marketing materials more accessible and inviting.

You might be thinking that books are full of pages and pages of paragraphs and we all read those? Well, that may be true but our web sites, brochures and marketing materials do not serve exactly the same purpose as those books. We need to hook people in, and get them to read just enough to want to make a purchase or enquire more about our product and service offerings. We might be telling them a story of some sort about our company, but they are not looking for a long narrative in a brochure and if we are going to get them to read far enough in to figure out what we are about, we need to make the text and copy inviting.

It has to be put in such a way that nothing is presented in a negative way and without revealing too much about the company for confidential reasons as it would a breach of contract so it is better to consult someone like fractional cmo services to help you out.

People are drawn to images and bulleted lists. They know that when the see a brief bulleted list with snazzy bullet points and plenty of white space that they will likely gather some brief and important information without having to work very hard. Lists are such a great way to draw people in and share facts, figures and other points of interest. Those same facts and figures could get buried in a traditional paragraph, but they pop out off the page or screen when they are organized into bullet points.

For example, you could write a paragraph about what is so fantastic about your brand of whatever product you sell and it might have all the good information. However, you can put the same information in a brief bulleted list:

  • Washes clean with soap and water
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Will save time and energy

See how the bullet points create drama and accessibility and cut out the “reading”? Customers and prospects can skim this bulleted list and gather all the information you want them to have and they will likely retain it better without all of the “filler” words to get in the way.

Bulleted lists on a web site are also a good tool for creating links to other pages and information. Each bullet item can share information but it can also be a link to a photo or more information in another area of the site.

Bulleted lists convey information, but they are a great tool for creating interest and accessibility too.

Fortnite Chapter 2- Play Safe For Starters With Grace

It has been a few months since the corona virus pandemic broke out and everyone has been confined to their homes and cannot move out except to get the essentials like groceries, ration and other important items that are needed by the family.

As such, people are reliving their childhood by watching old films and serials on television and playing video games that have become an indelible part of their growing up and many have also posted their videos on social media saying that it has made them go teary eyed with nostalgia.

One of the many games that immediately come to mind is Fortnite that is both interesting and intriguing at the same time due to it being so adventurous, thrilling, mind boggling and so many other adjectives can be added along to it.

Welcome Change

So we are going to begin the article with a little description of Fortnite because most people have either forgotten or have never heard of it, which is a crying shame that it is not considered in the same league as super Mario, Contra, Swat Kats and other action adventure games.

Fortnite was only launched in 2017 which means that you cannot have played it in your childhood and most people born at the time of its release are still toddlers but that does not take away the entertainment part of the game as it is still an experience of a lifetime.

An online video game format is the call for the day as most of the films are released on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime these days and are far more successful ventures than movies released on the big screen.

A product of Epic Games, Fortnite is involves two or more players and can be divided into 3 parts:

  • Fortnite: Save the World
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Fortnite Creative

For now, we shall focus on Chapter 2 as that is the most interesting part of the three which involves a spine chilling adventure that you have never seen before and most likely are not going to see it again.


The basic premise is simple: there are 100 players that skydive from a plane and onto an island that seems inhabited at first glance but that is where the mission begins where you have to defend yourselves and the entire cavalry by engaging in combat with the other players lying in wait.

An interesting aspect is that unlike the other two levels, you get to choose your own set whether you want to play singles or with a team and both sides have 100 combatants each where you wait for the signal to proceed.

You just need to run and dance around the island with some of the players and make merry and finally get down to harvesting and wait for the cue to proceed but keep in mind that whatever you accumulate for the quest will not prove to be of any help.


People who are new to the game have problems to proceed and so we are going to discuss some interesting points on how to do so:

  • The first step is to download Fortnite from a good website and it is free of cost
  • It is a Battle Royale that is similar to today’s item shop fortnite where each player has 100 health points each that can be increased with each healing item that is discovered on the island
  • Just practice the controls on your smartphone and keyboard and proceed to shoot at the target the moment you spot him
  • The healing items are concealed so use your skills to discover and lead them away from the enemy camp

The Best Home Remedies for Hip Pain

Dull hip pain, that occurs upon movement, can be localized at the major tendons, muscles or bone surrounding and making up the hip. Sustained and sharp hip pain, however, is usually due to something serious that might call for professional help. Injuries of the lower back can manifest in the hip area as well. These sources of hip pain are beyond the scope of this article. Provided here are some simple at-home techniques for alleviating hip pain from tendonitis, muscle strain and arthritis.


Once a serious ballet dancer, I myself dealt with the most common overuse injury of the hip area: tendonitis. Somewhat of a chronic condition upon initial appearance, hip tendonitis can be quieted through four home remedies:

  1. Warm-up:

“Grease’em up” is what my ballet instructor would make us do before taking our place at the bar. This exercise simply involves laying on your back with your legs in the air-slightly bent-while turning your knees in and out-facing each other then facing away from one another. This rotating of the legs consequently rotates your hips in their joints in a gentle manner with little gravitational pull.

Gentle stretching is possible only after warming up. Kneel on one knee, (it is recommended that you kneel on a soft surface-you don’t want any knee problems to add to the hip pain that is already there!) put your chin to your chest and lunge a bit. Lean against a wall or hold on to something for support. You will be surprised at how much of a stretch you feel in your “hip flexor” or the front of your hip; this is usually the area most tender from hip-tendonitis. If at first you don’t feel this pull, then readjust and you will find it.

  1. Ice down:

After exertion, your tendon(s) might be inflamed. Any source of coolness will take the swelling away. An ice-cube works just fine, but if this is unbearable, you can make a cold-pack with a plastic baggie and ice. If baggies aren’t available, ice wrapped in a paper towel will do. A cold or frozen bottle of water works well too. Use anything you can get your hands on, as this is the most important step in controlling your tendonitis. When the area is numb and slightly red, stop icing.

  1. Topical creams:

There are many names for these creams. Our ballet studio would reek of this minty stuff! It warms-up and ices down at the same time-allowing for greater mobility and flexibility. It will not completely take the pain away, but definitely alleviates it and prevents it from becoming too much worse.

  1. Anti-inflammatory:

Ibuprofin, Motrin and Aleve are over-the-counter medications that are specialized for reducing swelling of inflamed areas. Over-use of these meds can lead to stomach irritation and as with all medications, be aware of the warnings on the bottle.

Strained muscle:

If your hip pain is concentrated in your groin area, you are actually in luck! This is most likely a temporary condition due to pulling your muscle fibers a bit further than they are meant to go. You might experience muscle spasms with this condition. Home remedies for strained hip muscles are:

  1. Rest:

The best way to alleviate this type of strain is to chill out for a couple of days so that the damaged muscle fibers can repair themselves naturally. Try not to take a hot bath-heat will exacerbate your condition by causing increasing blood flow to damaged areas and thus causing swelling.

While resting, make sure there is no strain on your already strained muscles by placing a pillow in a comfortable position underneath your thigh, knee and/or lower back-whichever feels best.

  1. Strengthen:

If you are planning on resuming the sort of activity that brought you pain, you need to strengthen these vulnerable muscles-and perhaps more importantly, the opposing and surrounding muscles. Warm-up by repeating lesser versions of the exact motion that is to blame (usually lifting or squatting).

Ice-down: As always, ice is a crucial component if inflammation is present.

  1. Anti-inflammatory:

Ibuprofin, Motrin and Aleve can be used during that healing and strengthening period of time-but limit daily use to a couple of week’s time.


Arthritis is the most common source of hip pain in individuals of fifty years or older. Symptoms of hip pain due to arthritis include stiffness and a limited range of motion. Here are some remedies:

  1. Optimizing weight

Weight loss: not necessarily the answer for everyone, but it is true that the less weight the hip has to carry, the less chance that pain will be felt during activities.

Weight gain: If you are like my itty-bitty great grandmother who was prescribed milkshakes for her hip arthritis, you are dealing with the sometimes devastating weight loss that occurs with aging. In this case, the body isn’t able to repair itself efficiently which means arthritis will worsen.

  1. Walking aids

Holding onto something while walking can make your life much less painful as pressure is transferred from your hip(s) to this object. Why not make your home a place to feel no pain by having it arranged it in a way that allows for this sort of mobility?

  1. Joint supplements

Glucosamine and Chondroitrin are composed of the very molecules that make up joint cartilage. As we age, our bodies are not as efficient in accomplishing the sort of tasks that prevent arthritis and heal wear-and- tear-this problem is addressed by taking these supplements.

To sum up, home remedies are the best when it comes to dealing with problems connected to bones and joints as they are authentic and 100% result oriented with no side effects as they don’t have any artificial color or chemicals in them, which you can read about more at

How To Help Your Dog Survive Parvo

Parvo is a very deadly canine disease. Parvo causes severe dehydration, which adds to its lethality. It will also cause internal bleeding which comes out through vomit and liquid stools. It is easy to contract and once it has been in your home, it will be there for years unless you thoroughly bleach every possession and square millimeter of your home. It is nearly impossible to get rid of and will survive for up to three years in your home. Vaccinations are a very good deterrent for the disease but not always foolproof. Since the vaccine is given in a series of shots, the puppy can contract the virus during the inoculation process. Your puppy could also get the virus before it is old enough to receive the vaccine. The virus can infect any dog but is most lethal and damaging to dogs under one and a half years old. It is the puppies that it kills, and it causes a horrible death. Once your dog gets it, it has very little chance of surviving. There is hope though. I have had a lot of experience with this disease and have beaten it before. This guide is not a foolproof cure or treatment regimen, but it worked for a particular little puppy named Skyy. Here is her story.

Skyy was a little mixed breed mutt that I acquired from a woman that was unable to care for her and her brother, Joshua. Their mother had been run over days after they were born so the two puppies never received the vital breast milk that they needed. This was the start of Skyy’s dilemma. We got the two puppies at about 4 weeks old. We bought the puppy formula at Wal-Mart and were fully ready to nurse the two dogs until they were ready for solid food. The puppies had other ideas and refused the formula. They went straight for the canned dog food and the occasional table scraps. Joshua shot up like a weed and was huge in no time. At about seven weeks old, we had no problem finding him a permanent home. We decided to keep the little girl, Skyy though. She was doing great and was the obvious runt of the litter. That is when it struck. There was a Parvo outbreak in North Platte, NE. My family would often volunteer at the local pound to take the dogs for walks and play with them in the park. That is where we met Duke. Duke was a very pretty Catahoula, or Leopard Dog. These are a very strange-coated dog and are actually very beautiful animals. Duke was a very friendly and playful little hound that the kids grew attached to right away. Little did we know that the Dalmatian that previously occupied his cage had died of Parvo. This infected Duke, which in turn infected us. That is how we brought the deadly present home to Skyy. Skyy was about eight weeks old when she first showed signs of sickness. It took us near two days to figure out what was wrong with her. From the pound, the disease spread through most of the city. Skyy would likely have contracted the virus anyways.

The first signs are the lack of appetite, lethargy, loss of balance and vomiting with diarrhea. My wife and I scoured the internet for hours trying to find cures, remedies, or anything that would save Skyy. It all really boiled down to the puppy being able to stay hydrated. Parvo in itself is not very deadly and will run its course in a matter of weeks. The part that kills is the dehydration. So we went back to Wal-Mart. Some Pedialyte and puppy formula was Skyy’s diet for the next several weeks. Every time we left the house, we feared the worst when we came back. I was so graciously given the job of being the first one to check the house when we returned. This was so the kids and my wife did not have to see Skyy dead. Gratefully, that never happened. There were some very close calls and some moments when we thought she would give up and die, but Skyy held on. The toughest part of the ordeal was watching her bleed from her mouth, nose, and backside. We were sure that she was a goner at this point. Amazingly, after a little over a week, she started to walk around on her own and eat solid food. We knew she was in the clear at this point. Her survival was a miracle and this is what we did.

Because Parvo causes severe dehydration, we reasoned that Pedialyte would be very useful and this proved to be true. We would mix the powdered puppy formula with the Pedialyte and fed this to Skyy. The hard part was that we had to force feed her. This was not so easy to do. She would continually fight her feedings. The method that seemed to work best was to lay her on her back along my forearm. Then I would have to pry her mouth open and squirt the formula in. As soon as it was in her mouth I would clamp it shut and gently massage her throat. This would actually help her to swallow some of it. This method tended to be a little messy, but it did work. The gentle massage on her throat gets her throat muscles to pull some of the liquid down and this was enough to keep her hydrated. I would have to continue this for at least ten mouthfuls each feeding. This is what it took to get the required amount of formula into her. The guidelines for what your puppy will need are on the formula package. A baby bottle works the best, because you can use the nipple to squirt the food and there is a measurement scale on the side of the bottle so that you can keep track of what the puppy has eaten and what they have not. You will need to adjust this scale for how much they spit out all over your lap, but it should be close to accurate. An oral syringe would also work for this and may be a better way but we already had the bottles on hand and did not think of the syringe at the time. The other thing that we did was constantly bathe her. This would clean a lot of the virus off her body. Since the virus is spread through feces and stomach fluids, we had to constantly clean her. This would keep as much of the virus from re-infecting her as much as possible. About five to six times minimum, we would have to clean her in a small bucket of warm water. This would also help keep fluids in her system.

After a very long week, we noticed the improvement and Skyy has been doing just fine ever since. She is now a very healthy and active dog with no other problems. This makes Skyy one of the blessed few that actually survive this nightmare of disease. Many vets out there will offer a treatment for Parvo. This treatment is a series of IV’s and some medication, a painkiller, and some overnight stays at the doggie hospital. This can easily run up to the thousands of dollars. It is easier and may have a better survival rate, but many out there cannot afford this treatment. That is why I developed this method and it worked. The biggest thing is to keep your puppy hydrated while the virus runs its course. A lot of prayer wouldn’t hurt either. Here are some must know facts and tips about Poodle Health! All the important facts will be in the notice of the person after making a visit at the online sites.

Seven Tips Every Cryptocurrency Investor Must Know

Here are some of the essential tips that you should know as a cryptocurrency investor

Expect the unexpected

When investing in any cryptocurrency, one of the things that you should do is to expect the unexpected. Cryptocurrency is not a direct and a certain system. The volatility is very much existing and evident. Expert investors are accustomed to huge amount of money swings that you will usually find in traditional markets. So it Is very important to have your mind ready for any unfavorable and occasionally terrifying activity of investment performance that an investor will be able to act rationally. Logical thinking is more important than emotions when investing in cryptocurrency.

Ignore the rumors

In the realm of cryptocurrency, a lot of people and institutions both and financial and media sectors may claim that cryptocurrency in general is simply a fad, over hyped speculation and even not a good investment at all. If you are not armed with the right knowledge and information, you might lead astray from what the reality is. For you to become a successful investor, you just have to believe in what you actually see and based on reliable studies and not on what other people or sectors say. Always remember that you have the resources to make accurate decisions and actions.

Avoid Bad Investment Strategy

One of the key ingredients in being successful in cryptocurrency investment is through a sound and effective investment strategy. Good strategy crypto signals is what will make you ahead of other investors. If you are a beginner, you may find other and other social media communities to promise some good investment tips about a particular coin. But it is really advisable to avoid these places at all. Only consider those who are reliable and have strong reputation in the industry already. In addition, you can also make your own research so you will be bale to find the right investment strategy.

Diversify Your Investment

Another way on how you can be successful in cryptocurrency investment is through putting your coins in different baskets. This will allow you to have diversification which is one of the main keys in growing your money. Just like what financial advisors would tell you when investing in stocks, it is also healthy to have a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. This will also help you to protect your investments from wide variety of risks. Diversifying your investments means that you are also spreading your risks. Aside from being healthy, your portfolio should also be protected and safe.

Choose an alternative personal email

When investing in cryptocurrency, using a regular email account will just put you at an unnecessary risk of exposure for a data breach. To get rid of this risk, it is advisable to create a unique account just for trading. You must also make sure that 2 factor authentication is utilized for every service that provides it. In addition, ensure that you are using a dedicated 2 factor application as opposed to using tSMS for 2 factor authorization. Data breach is an extreme case that every investor must avoid for personal protection and safety.

Be careful around mobile wallets

Part of investing in cryptocurrency is dealing with mobile wallets. But trading or storing huge amount of money through your mobile phone is simply too great risk. This is because mobile phones are usually being compromised physoically or electronically. Despite its convenience, your security concerns should not be surpassed. Always keep your safety and protection at high priority to avoid any trouble or issues in the future. Keep in mind that there are so many scammers and fraud across the investment realm and they are just waiting for a single opportunity. Don’t let them have any chance.

Cold and Hot Wallets – Know Them

Another important tip that you should consider is to know the difference between hot wallets and cold wallets. These wallets are the platforms where you can store your cryptocurrency. Hot wallets offer the convenience of ease of access so a lot of beginners consider this as a desirable option. However, hot wallets are also susceptible to being hacked. This is now where cold wallets come into the picture. Generally, cold wallets are not easy to hack if prepared properly.

Tips On Buying a New Guitar

When buying any new instrument, it can be very stressful trying to figure out whether or not the instrument is a fitting piece to the musician. When the instrument is the first guitar, there are many things that should be taken into consideration. The age of the musician, which would help to determine what size guitar to get, the sound that is being sought after, which would influence the style of guitar, and the overall feel to the guitar. Also, the condition of the guitar is a key point to be considered when buying a second-hand guitar. These topics and more are covered in the following paragraphs.

The first thing that should be considered when buying a guitar is the age of the musician. Whenever buying a guitar for a smaller child, a good idea is to get a smaller scale guitar. The result of this often works out well because not only are they relatively inexpensive and widely available, they play the same way as a normal one. The most common scale sizes are1/2 scale and 3/4 scale both of which function well.

As you are ready with your decision, you should also invest in tools that will help you in safely hanging my guitar so that you can keep your guitar safe for accidents when you are not using it.

Also, the decision of buying an acoustic or electric guitar is something to be considered. The idea to learn songs and practice on an acoustic guitar first really helps a whole lot with hitting clean notes and being a smoother electric guitar player because you fret harder to hit the notes. Often, once someone has learned the basics of playing on an acoustic guitar they can then pick up an electric and will find that fretting the guitar is typically a lot easier on an electric guitar. Therefore, the ability to learn is jump-started after changing off to an electric. An advantage of starting out on an electric guitar is the range of sound that you are able to get out of it with an amp.

Nothing is better than giving the gift of music, but if the idea of surprising someone with a new guitar can be overlooked, a good idea is to let the musician pick it out instead. The reason being, the more comfortable they feel is to the guitar player, the more inspired he or she will be to play it. Though this way is a recommended idea, the concept of playing is adaptable to most any guitar.

The next thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the quality of the instrument that you are buying. If the guitar is coming from a pawn shop or being bought from another person it is very wise to have it looked at by a guitar shop or experienced player no matter how good of shape it looks to be in. The best way to ensure good quality is to buy it new, but getting a second-hand guitar is the next best option. As long as the guitar has working hardware and good components it can still sound as it should.

A lot of times, guitars that sit in pawn shops or haven’t been played in a long time suffer abuse from the strings setting tight and unchanged on the neck. If the guitar isn’t set with good tuning keys, then when the strings are changed the keys will lose the ability to hold a solid tuning A shining example of this would be the butchered piece of wood that Willie Nelson has played on for years, even though it wears really bad and looks to be unusable, the quality of the pick-up that he has in it makes the guitar sound as good as any.

A good choice to make whenever buying the first guitar is to look around for package deals. Some companies offer just the electric guitar, a small amp, and a cord, while other companies will throw in strings, cleaners, tuners, and beginners’ videos or books. The addition of these things will be a great asset in teaching the musician how to care for their new instrument, which is important to do for the fact that quality is sacrificed if proper care isn’t in effect. The added instructional books and videos are always a perk and help to motivate young players.

It is with great hope that this article was useful in some way to anyone looking to buy a first or new guitar. The gift of music is a truly amazing and inspirational step in anyone’s life, help to support young musicians and unique artists everywhere.

Do You Want To Spy On Anyone? Try These Fantastic Android Apps!

Modern technology is developing rapidly day by day, and nowadays, there is nothing impossible with the help of android spy apps. The Internet is obviously a blessing for mankind, but at the same time, there are various drawbacks to it too. It is necessary to keep track of the online activities of your children as they can easily fall into the dark side of the Internet. So, if you want to monitor the online activities of your children as a parent or your employees or anyone else, you can use various android spy apps.

You can get some of the best spy apps and tools on and use them to keep an eye on the activity of the target device. There are numerous spy apps that you can use to spy on different devices. Some of them are free, whereas some of them charge some fees. You can spy on various social media platforms running on the targeted device, keep an eye on the calls and messages using these spy apps. To choose the best spy app for you, you must know about the top and most popular spy apps in the market that you can use on your android device.

Some of the top-rated spy apps for android


XNSPY is one of the most popular spy apps which allow you to peek into an android device and keep track of all its call details, text messages, chats, emails, and other social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can even spot the location of the device using GPS and track all its online activities. It is one of the most efficient spy applications as it allows you to record the surroundings of the targeted device. You can get access to the information stores by this app using in Internet supporting device. You get 24X7 support from the team in case you face any issues while spying using this app. The only drawback of this spy app is that there is no trial version that compels you to pay directly to buy it.


Spyzie is one of the safest spy apps that allow you to get all the information from the targeted device without getting caught. If you are using this spy app, then you will get to access some of the most amazing features, such as recording calls, screen recording, etc. It is one of the most effective ways to keep track of your child, a mobile phone, and its data. There is a minimum risk of being caught as the icon of this application disappears once you install it on the target device. It is highly compatible with the latest version of android. You can get two options for buying the membership or subscription; the first one is $89.88 per month, and the second is $99.99 per year. You can pick anyone according to your needs and requirements.


If you want to keep an eye on the gallery and Internet browsing history of someone, then it is the perfect application for you. You can easily keep track of call logs with it and also find the location of the device even if its GPS is turned off. The updates are free on this app, and you only need to install it on the target device, and everything else will be handled by this app. You also get access to the Emails of the target device and can also screenshot the screen of the target device without getting caught.

To conclude, spy apps are one of the great ways to keep your children and employees under surveillance all the time. There are some fantastic spy apps that you must try.

Cognitive Surplus, Feedback And Social Capital

Clay Shriky begins his treatise on the promise of the rise of participatory culture on the Internet, Cognitive Surplus, with the news that young people, for the first time, are watching less television than their elders. The jaded response is “So what? They are still watching screens–computer screens or video games on a flat screen.”

But Shirky argues there is a qualitative difference. Young people are engaging in more interactive pastimes, posting comments and photos on a social media site, or playing on-line multi-player games. This new interactivity comes at a time when traditional sources of interaction, or “social capital” such as participation in fraternal organizations or even bowling leagues is shrinking. Shirky argues this new communal interaction is no less than a revolution.

Not only are young people engaging in the new media, but a recent Pew report cited by the New York Times finds impressive gains in use of social networks among the elderly as well. According to Wayne, “(a)dults 74 and older who are online quadrupled their social networking presence”

Why Spend Time Creating New Media?

A major reason people now spend time creating new media is because they can. The opportunity now exists which did not exist in the past. With the help of buying Instagram Likes from this website, you can certainly ensure that it is now easier and the opportunity is there. You no longer have to look for followers for your social media account when you can buy them. This is ideal for business owners who have social media network presence. This will help them grow their audience and as a result, more buyers will come. The world is more and more interconnected by computers; not, as Shirky notes, that older generations would not have created using social media, it is that they simply could not. Now the opportunity exists. Shriky notes four elements: community, cost, clarity and culture involved in sharing knowledge. The Internet provides all four.

We all do things for rewards, such as working to earn a paycheck; or to avoid pain, such as taking time to get our car maintained, but our “third drive” according to David Pink, is to do something just because it is interesting. This internal drive or “intrinsic motivation” is behind much participation in the new media. Why take time to share a funny video, or to create one? The motivation is pure enjoyment, stoking feelings of competence and autonomy.

A good example of this intrinsic motivation is found in one person’s response to Shirky’s observations about the amount of time spent watching television versus the amount of time spent constructing Wikipedia. The person created a visual representation of the great disparity. The visual is posted on-line. This participatory spirit excites Shirky who prophesies wondrous political and cultural outcomes from the new media.

The Personal is Political

The ability of people to come together over the Internet to support, research, and champion an infinite number of interests lends itself to political action. Shirky retells the story of the protests against American beef imports in South Korea as a prime example.

Fueled in part by the concern and participation of girls too young to vote who had an interest in a boy band’s website, the public rallies resulted in not only a reworking of rules regarding the import of beef, but also triggered the replacement of the entire South Korean cabinet. A few young women posting concerns about Mad Cow on a public website grew into an effective ad hoc movement.

The seeming purity of such web-based political actions underlies their appeal. The lack of paid organizers, profit motives, and slick campaigning seems to touch many people who would otherwise remain inactive. A feeling of belonging intrinsically rewards those who participate. It turns out people like to feel generous, and contributing to on-line efforts puts that opportunity at their fingertips.

Feedback Loops

One of the features of new social media is how easy it is to build upon the work of another, to make a work a truly communal effort. Humans, research shows, assume that interactions have a social component. That is why the experiment called “The Ultimate Game” fails to find purely economically rational behavior when faced with an economic exchange. As social beings, we unconsciously expect feedback. The new media, however, gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with others all over the planet in real time. .

An excellent example of a small scale feedback loop can be found on a website where Shriky’s comparison of television hours verses hours spent editing Wikipedia is illustrated by an amateur graphic artist. The artist’s original illustration is followed by multiple comments on both the topic in general and the illustration itself. Suggestions about how the graphic might be more accurate are generously posted. Multiply that interaction over and over again and it is easy to see how something truly unique and communal is generated through the use of social media. Large scale projects like the development of free software like Apache are cited by Shirk.

Criticism of Cognitive Surplus

Not everyone sees the rise in voluntary activity primarily for intrinsic rewards, like feelings of competence, autonomy, generosity and belonging as a positive thing. As one writer on the Information is Beautiful website complains, “Is the point you are encouraging here that people should be spending 100% of their time working and none of it consuming? Isn’t that simply capitalism without the benefit?”

As Shriky himself notes, much of what has been discovered about social media defies our traditional cost-benefit mindset, which is why it is exciting, and surprising. Like the Ultimate Game experiment, we find we are not purely rational beings, but ones primed for social interaction. After years of passive television consumption, the Internet gives us the ability to work communally, for our own intrinsic enjoyment.

Avoid These Bankruptcy Signs

You should be mindful of your financial well-being at all times. Who could ever think that spending $10 here, and another $20 there can hurt anyone. But the truth of the matter is if you don’t budget for these “little” expenses, they will eventually add up to become a bigger expense and debt in your life. You would never think that one little purchase/misstep can force you into bankruptcy, but if you keep ignoring and give no importance to how you are managing your money, bankruptcy can come upon you quicker than you can imagine. If you find yourself in any of the situations below, you might be staring into the face of bankruptcy in the near future:

You are living paycheck to paycheck, hence no savings

Saving a percentage of your income should be your number 1 goal when you started earning a living. Having a little bit of money saved for the rainy day is important for anyone, not just for the poor or medium income earners. What if you get laid off from your job? Where would you have the money to support yourself? Your only option if you do not have any savings is to use the credit card for survival. The problem with using credit card is that the debt accumulates rather quickly. It is easy to lose yourself financially using the credit card. One day you might have to find yourself a bankruptcy lawyer.

The terms of your mortgage are just mumbo jumbo to you

Prior to signing your mortgage documents, read it cautiously and know all the terms and conditions of the mortgage and how the additional expense will impact your life. Is your loan a fixed rate loan, an adjustable rate mortgage (also known as ARM), a zero interest loan, is there an early repayment penalty? All these are crucial information you will need in order to budget your money accordingly. If you fail to understand the terms and conditions of your mortgage loan, you might over-extend yourself. One day you might find yourself with a much bigger mortgage payment, and without any real savings, you are again looking at the chance of filing for bankruptcy protection. Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Diego will provide proper protection to the person to get the interest. The credit statement should be furnished to the person.

One day you are surprised by a large credit card statement

Everyone has easy access to the credit cards which can present a big issue if you do not manage your spending carefully. Think twice about buying that new iPhone by charging everything on your credit card and make sure you can afford it in the budget. Before purchasing something using the credit card, ask yourself if you have accounted for it in the budget, or if you can hold off making this purchase. Do not get into the habit of buying something on the “whim”. Most of the time if you are an impulse buyer, whatever you are buying normally isn’t what you need. Purchasing what you don’t need is not necessary bad, but it can cause you to have more debt when you cannot afford the purchase initially already. Once again, if you cannot pay off the debt, it is another case where you will be looking at bankruptcy protection.

You need to use cash advance or payday loan to get through the month

Payday loan and cash advance from credit cards can solve your temporary cash insolvency problem, but it should not be used to fund any big purchases on the “whim”. If you do not take care of your finances by not using cash advance or payday loan, you might just have to face bankruptcy at a later point in your life.

You will transfer the balance of one credit card to another

Credit card companies are forever promoting balance transfer checks for low interest rate with extended period of time to pay it off. Don’t get into the habit of doing this. If you find yourself with a lot of options to move your debt around, you will also find a way to finance something you don’t really need. Do not get fool by the credit card companies with the teaser interest rate for doing a balance transfer. The teaser rate is only temporary and once it resets, you will still have to pay the high interest as previously. This debt will never go away if you keep doing the balance transfer between accounts. This situation can become worst if you accumulate more debt along the way, hence forcing you into bankruptcy filing.

Try to be smart about your money, make a budget that you can live with and stick to it. So long as you can stick to the budget you have set for yourself, you should not incur so much debt that you have to seek for bankruptcy protection. Do not think that bankruptcy can solve all of your problems, it can relieve you of your debt, but it will also come with its own headaches too.

Ken Follett: More Than a Spinner Of Spy Stories

Ken Follett is a British writer who, for a number of years, turned out spy thrillers that ranged from so-so to not bad. I have read most of them and consider the best of the lot to be Jackdaws. I was somewhat disappointed with his best-known work in this genre, Eye of the Needle, but maybe that is because I backtracked to his spy stories after I had read most of his recent stuff. I guess if espionage thrillers (which, pretty much, are set in the time of World War II) are the kind of thing you go for, he is an author you might like to read. But then, if you are a fan of spy fiction, you probably know that already.

On the other hand, even if you are afflicted with the inability to care less about the world of espionage, you will very probably appreciate the stuff he has written since he broadened his horizons.

In 1993, Follett published an excellent novel of mystery and intrigue, set in Victorian England, called A Dangerous Fortune. He followed that with his compelling 1995 novel, A Place Called Freedom. That one is set in both the British Isles and America in the days of British colonization. As compelling as the 1993 book was, the one that came out two years later was even more so. That said, they were at least books you could put down from time to time if you had something else to do. The two books Follett wrote just before them and after them were almost impossible for me to set aside, once I got started, and they are both long books. They are, without question, the two best books I have read this millennium and would easily fit into the top five novels I have ever read, period.

Let me provide a little background. A few Christmases ago, my best-friend-in-law (best friend’s wife, with whom I actually am good friends) sent me this book by Ken Follett, whom I had never read, but knew as someone who cranked out spy stories. The book was called The Pillars of the Earth. It had been out for some time (1989) but, apparently, her book club had discovered it earlier that year, and she figured I might like it.

I wasn’t sure I would. It didn’t seem to be about anything I’d be interested in (architecture?), but, I had learned by that time, not to let such a thing get in the way of a possible good read. One year she sent me this book called Seabiscuit. From horse racing, I knew nothing, yet I found the book to be one of the best biographies I have ever read…and it was about a horse.

On another Christmas she sent me a novel by some fellow named Carl Hiaasen, concerning some goings on somewhere in Florida-a place about which, if I had the aft portion of a rat to donate, I wouldn’t bother. And, again, it was excellent, to the extent that I have since read just about every novel that author wrote.

I think you get the picture. I was willing to give this latest thing a go…but, jeez, it looked awfully long.

The Pillars of the Earth is set in twelfth-century England, mostly during the time known as “The Anarchy.” That condition came about, as those things often did in that time, because there was no direct male heir to the throne of King Henry I. King Henry did have two legitimate children, one of whom was male: William. The son, as well as the king’s two bastard sons and a number of nobles, drowned in the White Ship Disaster of 1125. That is noted at the beginning of Follett’s book, and it actually did happen. As a result, there were two possible heirs left: the king’s daughter, Maude (as she is known in the book, but who was also called Matilda) and her cousin, Stephen. Because a great many people were not yet ready to accept a queen regent (having completely forgotten about Queen Boadicia, presumably), the people of the land were divided about whether to accept Maud or Stephen as their rightful monarch, and a low-key civil war ensued. That situation is not the predominant theme of the story, to be sure, but it is an inescapable part of it.

I bring up the White Ship disaster, because the story effectively begins with a hanging and ends with another. You will never fully understand the reason for the first hanging unless you remain aware of the shipwreck. What is more, that first hanging is a lynchpin for most of what follows in this very long, but completely captivating story.

Another true event, the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket, also figures into the story and has a great deal to do with the final hanging.

There is one other important hanging involved, here: me, leaving you, the putative reader, hanging in suspense. When I read the book, the surprises and plot-twists hit me like so many thunderclaps. I do not want to deny you the same experience by spilling so much as one more bean. No word of who the good people and the bad people are; no inclination of who lives and who dies; nothing about who gets just desserts and who is swindled by cruel fate: read the book. Yes, it is 983 pages long (At any rate, my paperback edition is.), but you need to find the time. You will be very glad that you did.

It took eighteen years, but Ken Follett finally wrote a sequel to The Pillars of the Earth. It is called World Without End, and it is almost as good as its predecessor. And, when I say “almost, I mean it is roughly a thousandth of a micrometer away from being every bit as good.

On the other hand, you have probably heard enough about Ken Follett and his books for now. Read this one, and we’ll talk about the sequel some other time.

To sum up, Ken Follett is not the only expert on spy stories as this interesting link  might prove as it is about an expert in the branch of spying as a study where you can go through some interesting points given by her during her research to enhance your knowledge.