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6 Popular Healthcare Jobs You Might Want To Check Out

Are you aspiring for a career in the healthcare industry? Well, the healthcare industry is one of the biggest job providers in any country and there are several job designations to apply for? In fact, some of them might not even require college degree and you can take them as part-time jobs with your college education. However, some of them would certainly require specialized certifications. The post below offers a brief on some of the most popular job positions in the contemporary healthcare industry.

Home-health aides

In simple words, home-health aides are caregivers who take care of senior patients under at-home health care. As per the market reports, the job of home-health aides is expected to grow by a whopping 47% by 2026. Yes, the pay isn’t that high but the job doesn’t require college degree. It means, you can take it up as part-time job for an extra income while continuing your education.

Medical Coding Specialist

Medical coding refers to the process of transformation of various healthcare diagnosis reports, medical services, procedures as well as equipments into medical alphanumeric (universally accepted) codes. The procedure and diagnosis codes are needed for documentation of medical records. If you want to a Medical Coding Specialist, you must obtain an AAPC-accredited certificate.

Physician Assistant

Abbreviated as “PA”, this is one of the highest paying jobs in the contemporary healthcare industry. As the name says, a PA would have to be a constant assistant of a physician and help him/her in various procedural or therapeutic tasks. The PA market has been estimated to grow by6 37% by 2026. You will need bachelor’s degree here as well as master’s degree in physical assisting.

Assistant for physical therapists

These professionals assist physical therapists in several tasks related to implementation of rehab therapies and exercise to patients. In fact, if you are aspiring for a career in physical therapy in near future, start your journey as an assistant to one to strengthen your skills and attain hands-on experience. The demand for the position of assistant for physical therapists is estimated to grow by 31% by 2026. It only means, excellent opportunities are waiting for aspiring assistants for physical therapists.

Registered Nurse

The healthcare industry is incomplete without caring, efficient and empathetic nurses. In fact, their demand is no less than surgeons or physicians. So, RN would be a great career move for you if you love to take care of people. The minimum educational qualification required here is bachelor’s degree. But alongside, you will also require associate degree to get qualified for RN.


With the whole world fast getting conscious about healthy diet and weight loss, certified dieticians are in huge demand today. Interestingly, dietitians not only help people fighting with obesity. But, the main job of a dietitian is to ensure a person gets the perfect balanced meal, as per his/her specific job type, age, medical condition and so on. Thus, you have dietitians working in hospitals, rehab centers, gyms, sports teams and so on.

So, which one would be your pick here?

How to Prove the Value of Your Assets for the Insurance Company

Any of us who are awake and even half-listen to the TV or glance at a newspaper realize that disasters happen to all people in all areas of the country and at any time of the year. There seems to be a higher number of wildfires this year than normal and who knows how many hurricanes and tornadoes will strike this year. And don’t forget about robberies and theft. The types and number of disasters that can hit seem to be unlimited. Thank goodness we have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance. By the way, do you have enough insurance? How do I know? Take some time during the next month to do these safeguards to make sure you are properly insured and that you are fairly paid back the money that the insurance company owes you should you become a victim of any disaster.

A home inventory is absolutely critical to making sure that first, you know how much insurance you need and second how much money the insurance company needs to pay you should your “stuff” get ruined. There are two important tasks here. First, we need to know what needs to be documented and second, how do we document it?

Your first job is to provide a description of everything you own. We are talking about furniture, clothing, electronics, collectibles, everything. You need to list each item and the purchase price. If you have the receipt for the more expensive items, include that with the description of the item; the date you bought the item; and if the item has a warranty, include that. For your appliances and expensive electronic equipment include the serial numbers and model numbers. If you have collectibles or expensive artwork and jewelry that are appraised, include a copy of the appraisal with the description.

It will come as no surprise to you that this is a big job. Do not expect to complete this in a week. Do yourself a favor and start with one room and have a goal to complete each room in your house or apartment in about two weeks. When the initial documented inventory is done, you can easily update it with your new purchases and remove the items you throw away.

The second step to this process is figuring out how to document your inventory for insurance purposes. There are three ways to do this. Pick the way that is the easiest and works for you.

1) If you are comfortable with a computer, you can download a free copy of an inventory program that works with a PC or Mac. Get it from The software program makes it fairly pain-free and reasonably quick. Save your work on several different media and keep a hard copy in your safe-deposit box.

2) You could also use a camera and photograph your possessions. With a digital camera, this should be fairly easy, also. Make a print of each of your pictures and write down the important information on the back of each picture. The advantage of using a digital camera is you can store the digital files onto several media for safekeeping. And if you getting your blog insured then you can use your online content and stats to get insurance. If you are wondering Why you need blogger insurance then you can click here to learn about that. 

3) While writing down your inventory may not be the most efficient, it does work and you don’t need any additional equipment other than paper and a pen. Check with your insurance company as they may have an inventory form that could be helpful.

If you went the electronic route for your inventory, you may want to check They do charge a fee, but after you have uploaded your inventory to their site, you can access your data from any computer; a definite advantage.

How to Exercise a Puppy Inside

If you have a puppy, there are many reasons you may not be able to take it outside. Extremely cold or hot weather or aggressive neighborhood dogs may make it unsafe for both you and your pet to go for walks around the block. To avoid many illnesses, especially the often fatal parvo virus, young puppies that have not yet completed their rounds of vaccinations and received an okay from a vet should never be exposed to areas that any unvaccinated dog has had access to.

These situations are not uncommon for pet owners, and many are left wondering how to keep their energetic puppy exercised and stimulated. Puppies that are not exercised become high strung, bored, and sometimes depressed. This can lead to barking or howling, excessive chewing, aggression, and digging. Owners need to remember that though providing a puppy with many chew toys will help to save furniture and belongings from puppy teeth, toys alone will not stimulate a puppy enough to burn off energy. To do this, you will need to get involved.

Walks Indoors

Don’t think that being stuck inside means your puppy can not be walked. Though it will not be as exciting as a walk around the block, you can walk your puppy around your home on the leash just as well. Because being walked in your home will not stimulate your puppy the same way, use this time to teach your puppy leash manners. Keep your puppy walking by your side or slightly behind you, and occasionally stop to command your puppy to sit or lay down before continuing.

If you own a treadmill, you may be able to teach your puppy to walk on it. Start out slowly when introducing your puppy to the treadmill. Begin with the treadmill off until your puppy is completely comfortable standing on it, and slowly increase the speed for your pet. Keep the speed of the treadmill at the pace you would walk if you were taking your puppy out for a brisk walk, and allow your puppy to get off if it begins to show signs of distress. (It may take a few days or weeks for your dog to be confident enough to walk on the treadmill at this speed, remember to let your puppy set the pace it is comfortable with.)


Games are a good way to get your puppy to burn off bursts of energy without becoming bored right away.

A popular favorite game to play with dogs and puppies is fetch. Throw their favorite toy and let the puppy bring it back to you to throw again. Some dogs will instinctively retrieve the toy and bring it back, while others will need to be called back to you. A site will be provided for offering information about the puppy exercises, a person should go here at the sites An examination will be done through the toys for no issue in occurrence of the exercises. 

If you have a puppy that would rather be chased or play tug-of-war after they retrieve their toy, be careful about indulging in the game. Some owners have found that this will teach a puppy that it is fun to run from you, or that they don’t have to drop items they have when commanded, while others have found that a dog can tell when you are playing and when you are serious. If you notice your puppy is taking this behavior outside of play time, it is time to stop playing chase and tug of war and reinforce rules.

Another game you can play with your puppy is hide and seek. To play, your puppy must first know how to sit and stay. Give your puppy the sit and stay commands, and leave the room. Hide in a simple place (such as around the corner, or behind a door) and call your puppy to you. If your puppy can’t find you, call again until you’re found. When you are, get excited and jump around, praising your puppy. Have your puppy sit and stay again, and hide in another room. The more excited you are when your puppy finds you, the more enthusiastically your puppy will run around searching for you.

SpaTerre in San Diego: A Luxury Spa Resort Experience

In the summer of 2019 the SpaTerre changed its name to The Spa at Paradise Point.

Located within the lush tropical landscape of the Paradise Point resort and spa in San Diego, California, SpaTerre is a getaway like no other. With blends of Eastern cultures and California influences, this intimate spa sanctuary transports guests’ minds, bodies, and souls to another destination. From Bail to Thailand, this spa has recreated treatments once reserved for royalty. SpaTerre is a full-service spa offering massage therapy, body indulgences, facial care, Indonesian and Thai rituals, and grooming and glamour. Uncover fresh, glowing skin with the pineapple scrub or improve circulation and remove tension with the seaweed body mask. Get pampered like a queen with the Javanese Royal Treatment direct from the palaces of Java.

Relax the day away with one of the many massage therapies offered. SpaTerre also offers ritual baths, private couples rooms, and children services. SpaTerre has fifteen treatment rooms accentuated with bamboo beams, slate tiles, mahogany woods, and low relaxing lighting.

I had the pleasure of “vacationing” at SpaTerre during a recent visit to Paradise Point Resort and Spa. My husband and I chose one of the Ritual Baths. It was a treatment we could do together and was something to help us relax. Upon entering the Spa we were joyfully greeted by the staff. We were then taken to separate locker rooms to change into the plush robes and slippers. The locker room was beautiful and looked like an upscale bathroom in a hotel. The only hint of the locker room was the lockers. There were comfy chairs set into a conversation area with tables, water, and magazines. Soft, relaxing music played and the scented candles filled the air. We then headed down to a private room. The room was very relaxing. The massage table was placed in the center of the room and in the corner was a large Japanese wooden bathtub. In the other corner is a free-standing shower with loose stones as the floor. For the Ritual bath, a mud mask is applied from the neck down, front and back, then washed off in the shower. Then you soak in the wooden tub for 20 min. The tub was filled with hot water with rose petals floating on top. You are served tea, water, and juice. Plus, a few light snacks. The bath removes toxins from your body and your skin is left softer and purer than ever.

Overall, the experience at SpaTerre was amazing. The atmosphere was wonderful and defiantly felt as if we were transported to another time and place. The treatment was heaven and even my husband enjoyed it. It was an experience we will never forget and will repeat again next time we visit. We also tried the NJ Cosmetic & Aesthetic Medi Spa that was equally good in terms of service that you get at these medicinal spas.

Why I Don’t Regret Taking Out Student Loans

I belong to a Yahoo group for parents of college-bound homeschoolers. Recently a conversation came up about student loans. Many people chimed in and attested to how evil and unwise student loans are. I disagree. I do feel that if you are not careful, you can end up owing to ridiculous amounts of money. However, I also feel that student loans have made it possible for many people to climb out of abject poverty, get an education, and create a better life. And Prosper makes personal loans easy that students can use in order to pay for their tuition fees and pursue their education. Although I managed without a student loan, not everyone gets lucky like me. This is my story of how I managed without a student loan.

I am one of those people who was helped more than hindered by student loans. I grew up in a household where dad dropped out of school in 8th grade. He drove trucks and did security work for a living. Mom was a nurse and later went back to school to become a teacher. Mine was a very large family, and we were pretty poor. My mother returning to school did change our fortunes some and raised our income, but before that, we were on public assistance due to the sheer size of our family.

Only the girls in my family went straight to college after high school. The guys were too busy working because it was easier to get a job young than to study and put off earning potential. My older sisters and my mom went for free, on full financial aid and we just assumed that I would also get the same treatment.

By the time I got to college, there were only 5 kids left at home and together mom and dad were earning a decent living, so there was no financial aid. In our ignorance, we didn’t know that until the day I registered for a class, so I had to sign loan papers to fill the gap between cost and scholarships. Fortunately, I was smart enough to realize the college my parents had me choose was not affordable, so I transferred to community college and then moved on to state college. I worked my way through college, working 40 hours to pay for room and board and relying on loans to pay tuition. This was not unheard of in the late 1980s. But now, since the cost of living has lapped the minimum wage, I can’t ask my kids to work through college as I did. It’s not even feasible. I paid off my loans in 15 years, using several forbearances, and therefore paying off a lot more than I initially borrowed.

Still, I don’t regret going to college and taking those loans. Looking back I can see that the people I grew up with who did not go to college are still living in the same situations I grew up in. I am actually glad to have the loans to pay off because I have the ability to pay them.

Now, I do agree with a lot of the parents that we should pay for our student’s education with cash whenever possible, but we are taking a small loan to fill the gap between what we can budget and what he will owe. As much as it pains us and him to take this loan, we know that he can’t go to college without it. We also know that he is invested in his success. If he doesn’t finish, the money he has borrowed is wasted, and we are not the only ones out of money.

In summation, I stand by my assertion that there are good reasons for people still take out college loans. For me, it was to give me access to an opportunity that I would not have had otherwise. For my son, it is to give him that little extra help to allow him to get the same education I received and to help him value the cost of his education instead of sending him off Scott-free with no responsibilities.

Key Considerations To Make When You Are Going To Invest in Bitcoins

Bitcoins is one of the most trending talks of the town. A lot of people seems interested to invest in Bitcoins because they hold value and that is why they think of investing in Bitcoins. However, majority of the people are really skeptical about the concept of Bitcoins because of several factors that come to play. It is not centralized, many government do not accept it as a legal form of currency and so on. If you know about Bitcoins and want to make some investments in it, then you must give a read to our blog we have got today. We will discuss about the key considerations you must make before putting your money into Bitcoins.

Important Things To Consider Before Investing

Investment is a tricky game. You need to be absolutely sure about a lot of things which includes your objectives, finances and goals. You cannot blindly invest and expect a huge return. The same goes for Bitcoins. Before you invest in Bitcoins, you must consider these vital things –

Poperly store your Bitcoin first – just like it is important that you learn to walk before you run, you will have to begin by learning the mechanics of buying and selling of Bitcoins. You will have to read reviews and ask experts about which Bitcoin trading platform is the best for you. Never skip a step in learning, or else you will be in deep trouble. It is crucial that you know how to protect your asset in the most effective way. The Bitcoin market is really volatile and that is why your finances are always at the risk of tumbling down if you yourself are not aware of.

Always keep your eyes on the market – a really big and common mistake is to ignore the market once you have made some investments. The value of Bitcoins go up and come down at different points of time and that is why you need to keep a track of that. This will help you to understand whether you should be holding to your assets or selling them at a premium. When you invest Bitcoins, do not focus too much on the current value of the Bitcoin but, the % of the total marker cap that you have purchased.

Is it worth investing in Bitcoin mining? – you need to ask this question to yourself. You need to be sure of what you are investing your hard earned money on. In the recent years, Bitcoins accelerated in the most amazing manner but, the price crashes have been significant as well. The amount of profit you are going to experience totally depends on your investment strategy. First learn about all the aspects and mechanisms of Bitcoins and then invest your money. This will provide you with the confidence to understand whether you should be investing Bitcoins or not.

Diversify your crypto investments – just like putting all eggs in one basket is a huge risk, investing all of your finances in only one crypto element is also a terrible risk. There are more than 50 cryptocurrencies that trade in the market. So, it is always a better idea to invest your money on more than one crypto currency. Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP and Bitcoin Cash are some other investment options that you have. Successful investors have always suggested that you must diversify your assets and make your investments in different elements for better results and mitigating the risk of investment.

Learn to be patient in the long run – the Bitcoin market is still new and not older than 10 years. It is yet to mature and provide the people with a better and safer prospect of investment. That is why you will have to be patient and learn to wait before you can cash in the investments. So, once you have made the investment, keep yourself occupied with other things and avoid yourself being in a hurry to sell your assets all the time.

These are some key considerations that you will need to make when you are going to invest in Bitcoins. Also check out whether Is the Bitcoin Profit a scam or a legit software?.

Kate Middleton (And You) Can Get In Shape After Pregnancy With These Weight Loss Tips

With the royal baby due any day for the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is no doubt looking forward to what every pregnant woman looks forward to (next to the baby, of course)- getting back to her pre-pregnant body!

As a mother, I can attest that no matter how well you exercised and ate right during your pregnancy, you’re still left with a body you fear you will never recover from once you deliver your baby. With hard work and determination, you can lose weight, shape-up, and achieve a post-baby body that is better than the body you had before you got pregnant! I also tried Coolsculpting, which is a way to freeze Fat Away with CoolSculpting in New Jersey. With their advance technology, they freeze the fat in your body so that you can get rid of that easily. Along with this process, I tried the following methods in order to get in shape after my pregnancy.

Low Carbohydrate Diet

It is your natural reaction after you deliver your baby to borderline starve yourself so you will lose weight quickly but this will almost always prove to be counter-productive. Since newborn babies require so much time and energy, your metabolism will bottom out and cling to your fat if you try to deprive yourself of food. I recommend having a low carbohydrate/high protein diet to jump-start your metabolism. I went on the South Beach Diet and it worked wonders for me. I lost 25 pounds in a little over a month following the low carb and high protein formula. Kate Middleton will likely turn to the Dukan Diet, the diet she employed to slim-down for the royal wedding, which is extremely similar to the South Beach Diet and Atkins Diet- they all run off the same formula: low carbohydrates+high protein=weight loss.

Kate Middleton’s Weight Loss on the Dukan Diet


My best exercise tip for any woman who wants to lose weight and get in shape after pregnancy is to do yoga. I recommend yoga to everyone. As a 31-year-old female, I have tried every exercise program or fad that is inexistent, and yoga is the best thing I have found for weight loss and toning muscles. I have one yoga DVD in particular that I love, the first yoga DVD put out by MTV, which is a variation of a popular style of yoga, vinyasa. Vinyasa yoga gives you a little heated cardio to help blast calories and boost metabolism. After I had my first child, I did yoga with this video every evening. My body looked better than it ever had! I had muscles that were toned that I did not even know existed! Yoga is easy, relaxing, and in my opinion, a miracle worker when it comes to whipping your body into shape.

I only have two tips because these two things, a low-carbohydrate diet, and yoga, are all you need to lose weight and get in shape after pregnancy. Kate Middleton will no doubt get back to her pre-pregnancy body in no time and you can too. I promise that if you turn to these two things, your body will look better than before you got pregnant!

Buying a Pellet Stove To Save Money? Think Again

As more and more homeowners are growing concerned over “green” home improvement solutions, they tend to turn towards many products marketing as “green” alternatives, but many such options turn out to be simply marketing hype.

There are numerous environmentally friendly choices to pick from for your next home improvement project. From compact fluorescent light bulbs, to energy efficient windows, to high efficiency furnaces, the choices seem nearly endless.

Many “green” home improvement items are sensible choices. They can save you money on utility bills, lessen your dependency on natural resources and contribute to a cleaner world.

Some choices involve a tremendous amount of trade-offs in order to help the environment while others are a win win situation. Currently, a hot trend in “green” home improvement choices is an item called a pellet burning stove. This item is typically used as a supplemental heat source for a large living area within a home or in mild climates, can be used to heat the entire home.

Though a pellet stove does have some distinct advantages, this is one of those projects discussed above that can also involved significant trade-offs. For those on a tight budget and interested in making environmentally friendly upgrades to your home, a pellet stove is not a sound investment.

A pellet stove can cost up to $4,000 in up front costs. Add in an additional $2,000 for installation and you are nearing $6,000. What can you expect for the initial investment? If you are currently using electricity to heat your home, the energy savings of a pellet stove will pay for itself in about 20 years. If you are using oil to heat your home, a pellet stove can pay for itself in about 50 year. If you are using natural gas to heat your home, a pellet stove will cost you approximately 25% more per year to operate.

Now, this is a hefty amount for most of the middle class families and therefore out of the question for them to purchase it, especially for the people of New Jersey so it is better to search for NJ Heating Oil Companies near you to help you pick the right pro Heating Oil Supplier than worry about such an offer that is way out of your budget.

Ok, so a pellet stove doesn’t make economical sense to most people, but what about the environment? A pellet stove utilizes a renewable resource as its energy source and thus cuts down or eliminates the usage of natural resources, but it does not burn as cleanly as many highly efficient furnaces, nor is the upkeep as easy. Users must store pellets in a dry area and constantly go out to purchase the pellets needed for the stove. Driving to a facility to purchase the pellets utilizes gasoline in your car several times a year.

Though a pellet stove may sound like an environmentally friendly heating solution, a high efficiency natural gas furnace is likely to have less impact on the environment, cost less to operate, and contribute less to smog and other pollutants in the atmosphere.

Sometimes a “green” choice is not always as “green” as you may think. If you are interested in using a pellet stove as a supplemental heat source, it is more efficient than a typical electric space heater and would be a wise choice. But for whole house heating, there are better, “greener” choices. Save your money and choose another home improvement project.

6 Tips To Find The Best Impact Driver

Are you on the lookout of the right impact driver? Well, there are drills or hammer drills, but nothing can work when it comes to driving large screws through hard surfaces. Now, there is no dearth of Impact Drivers products in the market today but not all would be equally suitable for you. Thus, the post below offers   a pro-guide on how to choose the right impact driver.

Decide on the type

Impact drivers are majorly divided into two types- corded as well as cordless.

If you are on budget, the corded model would be great for you. They are known for excellent gear reduction and they tend to be lot cooler- compared to cordless counters. But, they are also heavier.

However, if budget is not a problem, cordless drivers would be your go-to thing. They are more powerful, more advanced and work with just all kinds of fasteners. Besides, being cordless, they make the whole process more convenient compared to corded counterparts. Whether you want to work on harder surfaces or softer surfaces, a cordless driver would be your right buddy for every surface.

You will find the cordless drivers in 12V and 18V+ ranges. The latter is obviously more powerful and can work with larger fasteners compared to the former one. Makita BTD144 18-Volt LXT is a good option if you are looking for a reliable cordless driver in 18V range. It comes with variable 3-speed power selection and assures extremely precise control on fastening.

Go for brushless motors

Once again, if budget isn’t a problem, try to look for impact drivers that come with brushless motors. Brushless motors assure more efficient operation and extend the service life of your driver. Another great advantage is that the brushless option does not generate much heat which eventually eliminates burn-out risks.  Not only that, you will often find the brushless models with advanced electronic features. These cutting-edge features allow the motor and battery to jive together which consequently enhances performance as well as keep thermal overload issues at bay.

Adjustable clutch

Won’t it be great if you can have full control on how much force you want to apply on fastener? Well, in that case, you will have to look for impact drivers that come with adjustable clutch. These clutches enable you to customize the force to be applied on fastener. This is especially relevant when you have to use the driver for smaller woodwork projects.

In-built LED lights

You will need proper visual of the surface and surrounding areas while driving in a screw into a surface. Nothing is worse that ending up with a screw driven into the wrong point. To avoid such a nuisance, it’s best to invest in an impact driver that comes with in-built LED light. The LED quotient will keep the whole area illuminated and make the operation even more effective. In fact, these lights would be especially great when you have to reach out to hard-to-reach places or if suddenly the power goes out.

Ergonomic design

Though often ignored yet this particular point is vital to ensure a comfortable operational experience with your impact driver. Try to look for an impact driver that carries a convenient ergonomic design. If you have used impact driver before, you are aware of the huge pressure it transmits to hand. But, an ergonomically designed impact driver will relieve you off the pressure and makes things a lot easier. So, drivers with rubber pistol grips would be great choice here. You will especially need an ergonomic driver when you will need to use the machine for a longer time.

Charge gauges

This particular feature is handy to understand the amount of fuel left in your driver so that you know beforehand whether or not your driver needs a charge. Some of the drivers come with gauges right on tool. However, a more convenient option would be to have gauges right on battery pack  which makes it easier to check charge status.

Final words

Always take a comparative study before you invest in an impact driver. Look for reliable models from reputed brands. Always check reviews and ratings – your chosen driver should be backed by a long line of happy users.

The Hungry Foodie: Hoosier Park Buffet Review

Rating: As buffets go in the Muncie area this is a 10 of 10.
Address: 4500 Dan Patch Circle, Anderson, Indiana 46013

Phone: (800) 526-7223


At $10.75 for the lunch buffet, it’s well worth it. Tucked into the gaming capital of East Central Indiana-Hoosier Park Racing and Casino for the uninitiated-lays a gem of a restaurant. But then I am biased. I love buffets. They are a smorgasbord of taste when done well. Of course, not all buffets are created equal though. Here in East Central Indiana, we have Chinese buffets, places like Ryan’s and Sirloin Stockade, and pizza buffets. The variety at these sometimes is lacking, to say the least. But the small buffet inside the original racing track side of Hoosier Park is one of the two best deals around that I have been to (my review of Welliver’s in Hagerstown is forthcoming, provided they are still in business by the time I can get back down there). And, as I mentioned in my first sentence, the price is hard to beat.

For just under $11 I was able to gorge myself on perfectly browned, crispy fried shrimp, moist and juicy fried chicken (which is difficult to maintain in a buffet environment), and a variety of meats cut for you depending on the day (sausage and turkey breast were the meats on the day I went). Their lines also have pasta, calamari and green beans. I highly recommend the green beans. There is an initial sweetness to them that I find hard to describe, it is almost honey in sweetness, but that description just doesn’t quite do it justice. That light, honey-ish sweetness sweeps through your mouth and down your throat with each succulent bite too.

The shrimp were crisp and brown, something too often not the case. We’ve all seen those buffets that have soggy or nearly burnt fried shrimp, or bit into a taste of flour instead of a chunk of shrimp. This is not one of those buffets. A bite of the shrimp results in a snapping sound just as it should.

The chicken I had was surprisingly moist and juicy, a feat not easily achieved in restaurants where food stays out on steam tables. I was on my lunch break and nearly had the juice squirt out and soil my shirt once. That, I discovered, is how moist the breasts and wings are at Hoosier Park.

They do have a salad bar that has a nice selection, but I admit that I am not a salad kind of guy. Give me meat and sugar any day of the week. And that would be my cue to segue into a discussion about the desserts. I have never been to a buffet as small as this one and had such a huge selection of desert from which to choose. On both occasions I’ve been the selections must have ranged in the twenties someplace. Oodles of cheesecake, sweet potato pie, assorted cream pies and fruit pies and cakes cover three levels and three or four sections of countertop (roughly 15 feet give or take). I am not a particular fan of pie so I leave the review of those to another foodie, but as a fan of cake and cake-like desserts I highly recommend the cheesecakes-any of them.

Though small, I think this quaint place rivals those of its big brothers and sisters in Las Vegas. Our experience at two buffets in Sin City sated our needs with no problem and they were both well worth the money, which isn’t saying much considering one was free for guests and at the other one we were able to eat at with a deep discount.

So when you get over to Anderson, stop into the best little buffet in town. It’s not a gamble at all. If you want to go gastronomic gambling go down the road to a Chinese or pizza buffet. If you want to feel like you pulled one over on the house, then go to Hoosier Park and Casino.